Efficient Sunday – Image Change For More Productive Meetings

High impact conferences are our networking particularly this season.

Seems as if major world conferences all of a sudden just came out of nowhere.

Had a Tech appointment at a well known company branch office & got to thinking about “image”.

Not a place one can go in “jeans” & made sure to be Business Casual.

Felt that a haircut had been needed for a while so went to a hair salon recently discovered,
The hairdresser had asked what work I did & told her of our team of assistants.
Turned out she might need future help.
After leaving; started thinking “business attire shopping”.

That was yesterday’s agenda to buy more Business Casual attire for sake of having on hand for meetings and conferences particularly ones with top notch world experts. Not crazy enough to mess this up!

Some are attended as staff & other times regular guest.

Meetings and Networking is more productive when we “look the part”.

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Virtual Assistant Administrator