Efficient Sunday – Email Signature helps with Productivity

It was mentioned last week during Saturday Geek that we’d discuss email signature productivity.

Just how are email signatures productive?

Well, you put your business information, opening hours, telephone number, website and any other information.
Our signature has our company name, website, office hours, social media links and even latest blogpost.

People know when they can and can’t reach us. Also, when we are Out Of Office on holidays; we will put that in our email signature as well.

This way people who we respond to see it often & are “in the know”. They can also click to read the latest blogpost.
We can also list “specials” that your company may be having, latest tweet etc.

If you don’t want your signature to be that “fancy” even a basic one with written text will do.
Your signature can be your “silent info marketing” about the product or service you offer.

People see your “tagline” enough times, they want to know more. Why not use it? It’s free!

If it can work for a web-based email company whose service you use; why not for yourself?

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