Customer Service Methods

Customer Service Methods apply to all types of businesses.

Without customers, no business can survive.

When you deal with the public face to face or over the phone; the customer service methods are applied so often that they become a part of daily life even outside work.

Those methods are How May I Help You, Please and Thank-you

In the fast food industry we were taught that the customer is always right and we must do what is required to make sure an order is completed to their satisfaction.

In retail; it was told to us that a Happy Customer is a REPEAT CUSTOMER & that they will bring friends.

Again, we were to do our job in order to create a happy experience for all customers.

This is not to say that customers are allowed to “walk all over you” as there are times when their requests can’t be fulfilled.

Many times they would be upset that door crasher items weren’t available and when explained that the stock had run out by being bought by the early shoppers they’d get upset.

Or other times if they wanted a price match from a store in the same shopping mall or plaza but the other store wouldn’t confirm prices over the phone and the customer had no flyer.

These are a few examples of situations out of our control when the customer was unhappy.
Often times when they could not be accommodated it was usually escalated to a manager.

The manager would try to deal with the situation as best as possible.

Sometimes it would go ok; other times not so well and the customer would leave angry.

You can’t win them all as the saying goes.

However, service must still be given with a smile regardless of the customers’ behaviour.

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