Customer Service FIRST

Customer Service FIRST words said to me last week by a grocery store stock clerk.

Had been looking for a food product & couldn’t find it. Now for a small grocery store it sure was busier than usual.

Saw this staff member unpacking boxes & asked him for help.

He walked around the store until he found exactly what I was looking for & that had been in front of my face (isn’t it always?) on the side at the front of the aisle.

Thanked him for help & for taking him away from re-stocking shelves.

He just smiles & says that’s what we’re here for.
Told him how when I used to work in stores & was stocking shelves; customers would always approach me & ask for help finding something.

Then my boss would always ask why the shelves weren’t finished being stocked & I’d say that I’d been helping customers.

This grocery stock clerk just smiles & says Customer Service FIRST.

It was very nice to hear that as a customer & he is right!

That’s the policy we employ in our company is to give good customer service.

Bad customer service means no sale made & that means no profits.

After a lifetime in the customer service field; notice the level of service whenever I’m in a store or purchase a product.

That store has won me over. The staff are quite helpful & courteous.

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