Customer Retention and Loyalty

Customer Retention and Loyalty is a big deal, especially with larger companies.
You may have heard the saying Happy Customer is Repeat Customer & tell their friends.
We were told this when I started work in retail.

One call centre that I’d worked at held group training & it was there that I’d met a girl who mentioned working for a local telephone service provider.

Mentioned to her how I’d applied before & even attended the pre-employment test but not been invited to interview.

She tells those of us near her that she’d worked in Loyalty & Retention.

They’d get all the disgruntled customers calls transferred.

Most times the problem was that special offers advertised were only for New Clients.

They were upset; didn’t feel their customer loyalty was appreciated & would threaten to cancel.

She told us; it was quite a stressful job trying to keep these long time customers happy & away from a competitor.

In actual fact; Customer Retention is what goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis in many companies.

Here at VYA; we give discounts to regular paying clients or those who have assisted us.

Our discounts are Professional Business Relationships built.

There are no Black Friday or deep discount days to drive extra sales and loss of profits.

Even with our Tech Training clients; we offer a discount once they are regulars.

After at least 4-6 paid sessions; we will happily include one for free.

That makes them happy & makes us happier when they return or tell people about our service.

It’s a Win-Win situation for everybody.

We need always need better ways to serve our customers in order to increase Customer Retention.

Without paying customers; no business can survive!

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