CSV File and Excel conversion

What is a CSV file and is that the same as Excel?

CSV stands for comma separated values.

It is a Spreadsheet the same way Excel is.

The difference is that a CSV takes out the special formatting in Excel so that the data can be displayed correctly when uploaded.

Also, Excel is a proprietary “brand name” for a Microsoft Office spreadsheet program.

“Coke” is a cola beverage made by the Coca-Cola company, there are many companies that make “Cola” but there’s only one brand is known as “Coke”.

Heinz Ketchup is a brand of tomato sauce made by the Heinz company.

Many other companies make a type of Ketchup but there’s only one Heinz Ketchup.

Microsoft Office is also a brand name where what we known as Word Document is actually a Word Processing Document, Excel is a spreadsheet, Powerpoint is a document made up of slides. Access is a database program & so on.

Many services may ask you to upload a CSV. This is so the data displays without the formatting & they don’t have to worry about compatible file formats.

Same rule applies when you are downloading contact files such as email contacts.

CSV file can be opened easily in Excel.

Excel file formats won’t be easily accepted by programs requiring .csv

How do you change an Excel spreadsheet file into a CSV then?

It’s relatively simple to do so.

First, open up your spreadsheet file.

Go to the File Menu -> Save As

Choose the new file format and press save.

Now the file name will read Document.CSV instead of Document.XLS which is the extension for Excel files.

You’ll still have your Excel file as well, saving it in a different format doesn’t overwrite your file.

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