Cold Calling Do you have a fear?

Cold Calling is what so many people fear & I’ve never understood why.

You’re not always selling a product.

At times you’re the caller making an information call.

It’s never bothered me at all, even when I started in telemarketing at the age sixteen.

But then I spent my late teens to now making calls on behalf of others who needed someone to speak to customer service.

Whether phone, cable, Dr’s office or hydro company; I was always asked to “talk” on the call.

Yes, sometimes cold calling is to set up an appointment, other times to sell a product or ask for money donation to a charity.

The “selling part” always bothered me and was a fear; not the actual call in itself.

Making the call is so easy, children know how to do it.

There have been a few times when I have made a cold call from a business card because a client or networking group that I belonged to was looking for that service.

Or other times when looking for items for a fundraiser.

The first few calls on each project can be a little nerve-wracking particularly if you haven’t done so in a while.

After that it’s a smoother process. Have even done it from classifieds.

Two summers ago had to cold call for ourselves & that was rough the first few calls.
Got easier after the first hour.

Since you’re not in front of them; the worst they can do is hang up or say don’t call again.

Last Spring, returned to my residence after a client meeting. In front of my feet was a business card; a networking group had mentioned wanting a member in that exact industry.

So, I decided to phone & ask. If they said No, that’d be fine.

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