Cloud – What is that exactly?

Chances are you may have heard people talk about “the cloud”.

What is it though? And how do you use it? Where do you find it?

The cloud is when your digital documents or files are stored in “online servers” so you can access them anywhere.

One woman had asked this question. Gave her the example of “online storage” services as Dropbox, Microsoft Office Online, Google Drive & Amazon S3.

It saves you space on your computer hard drive, can be shared with other users and you can access them from anywhere that you have internet access.

Working in it can also be productive. You don’t have to worry about losing hours of work if you’re computer crashes or file gets corrupted.

Your changes are saved immediately & if needed multiple people can work on the same document. You can see each other’s comments & even timestamps of when changes were made. It’s in “real time”, no having to send files back & forth to multiple people or waiting to get the document sent back to you.

You automatically have a backup copy in the cloud.

All you have to do is log into your account & it’s accessible just as it always was.

There was a comical image I saw online. The first guy his computer is on fire & the second guy asks him – Your computer is on fire! What about all your files?

The first guy replies I’m not worried, I backed up all my files by putting them into Dropbox.

Geeks will understand the joke!

Think of this way; imagine the clouds in the sky. Now think of them holding rain & snow inside them until they are ready to “open” them.

Or if you’ve ever had a storage locker; it holds your items securely until you are ready to retrieve them.

Now think of that as digital.

Where documents are “stored” in your own “file storage locker”.

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