Character Testimonials

Character Testimonials are just as important as work testimonials.
Anyone can be a good worker but might be a horrible person.

Maybe you do your job well but you don’t get along with your office co-workers or you’re rude to customers when you see them face to face.

It was a couple of years ago that someone said not knowing me they couldn’t even be an Affiliate for our company & refer business to us.

Fair enough; while I’m an honest individual in my dealings they don’t know that firsthand.

Asked a few people who knew me if they could provide a testimonial particularly “personal” that I could show.

Those who I asked happily provided one & I showed the person who was unsure.

End result was everyone was pleased.

Character testimonials are about the person themselves.

Such as: Do they lend a hand & volunteer in their local community?
Are they willing to assist you when you have a burning question or dilemma?
Have they done something to help you out?
Did they teach you anything?
Offer information on what could be useful to you?
Able to deal with them effectively?

Common character testimonial for myself would be that I know great applications or technology resources that can assist business owners & I’m usually pleasant to deal with.

Our VISION: Grow a business that allows utilizing skills in a profitable manner, gain a steady stream of income by assisting others & decrease global poverty by employing others.

MISSION: To be Top choice as service provider aiming Virtual Assistant companies by helping small business owners increase their ROI. Giving them back their time to work ON their business; not IN it. Decreasing their stress by handling the small tasks that weigh them down; allowing them to be able to enjoy their leisure time worry free.


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