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Testimonial Tuesday – Written, Audio or Video – Which is best?

There was a suggestion in a book that talked about “audio & video” more effective.

Everyone has their idea of what they think is best.

Many people say Written ones don’t show “verbal feeling”.

Others say audio doesn’t show the person’s facial expressions.

While there are still others that say for a video – you must be still & watch.

It is nice to have a mix of all three types if we can.

Testimonial Tuesday – Getting your first Reference

Can be tough if just starting out or re-entering the workforce.

Think whom you can ask to recommend you.

Have you done any babysitting?

Volunteer work?

Part of your Neighbourhood Watch?

PTA at the local elementary?

Helped organize neighbourhood events?

Ever mowed lawns, shoveled a walk?

There’s all sorts of sources where you can get a testimonial.



Testimonial Tuesday – How Do You Give One?

Had this question from another.

When I’d asked them; eventually told me they didn’t know how.

None had ever asked them to provide one.

Ok, that was something to “educate” on.

My response was If I gave your name as a reference to another; what would YOU say?

What assistance have you gotten?

How did it help you?

What benefit did the product or service provide?









Testimonial Tuesday – Character vs Professional

At times you may be asked for multiple references: Character as well as Employment.

When applying for a post secondary program that’s what happened.

Character reference describes what type of person you are.

Professional Reference describes what type of worker you are.

One can be excellent at their profession but perhaps their manner needs improving?

Maybe even vice versa.

Good testimonials can incorporate the best of both!





Testimonial Tuesday – What are they?

Testimonials are the life blood of any business.

Just as references are a key to hiring.

What is a Testimonial?

It’s your past clients way of telling others the reasons to buy from you.

Can be given written, audio or video.

With audio it is their voice inflection & tone to show their client satisfaction.

Video allows you to not only hear their words but see their facial expressions and body language as they describe what they like best about your company

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