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National Do Not Call List has been in the USA for a long time

It has only been in Canada for about 10-15 years.

Most companies that do outbound calling to the general public buy numbers lists.

Their provider must comply with DO NOT CALL requests as a company can be fined otherwise.

Market Research firms change the last digit to make it more “random”.

DO NOT CALL (DNC) doesn’t apply to legitimate surveys, political campaigns & charity fundraising.

You can however ask to be put on their company Do Not Call list.

This way you won’t get another call for another least 6 months to 1 year.

With market research different number lists are loaded for each survey.

That means that while chances are slimmer; you may get called again.

TeleFriday – How to adjust your tone: Non Reading

Ever gotten a call from a telemarketer or other call centre?

Could you tell they were “reading”?

Had that happen to me once & thought to myself – is that HOW I SOUND?

No matter what reason for a call; words should flow “naturally”.

Can you imagine hearing a song where they have to read the words?

Same goes for a script.

In telemarketing as well as market research you must familiarize with script.

Suggestion is to run through it 2-3X  or practice with another.

That way the call is smoother.





TeleFriday – Your Tone of voice

People respond to “personality tone”.

Have you ever picked up & the caller was harsh?

Chances are you cut them off the line rather quickly right?

Or were unhappy AFTER the call?

Whenever I worked in outbound call centres was always told I had a ‘good tone’.

Usually they’d decline unsolicited calls but would agree today.

Even fellow staff said I had a “customer service phone personality”.

We must adjust our tone, depending on whom we’re speaking to.

If it’s a customer service callback; we are more polite tone.

Should it be a telephone sales call then we are a bit more of a firm tone.







TeleFriday – Education on Telemarketing & Call Centre Industry

Being a telemarketer or call centre rep isn’t easy. It’s actually quite stressful.

So many times pre-VYA when I worked in the industry would cringe when making early morning weekend calls.

One woman got so frazzled by an irate person that she walked off the job after 90 mins.

TeleFriday stands to educate the public to make everyone’s experience more pleasant.

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