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Cold Call Leads List

Cold Prospecting Leads List

Cold Prospecting Leads List

Recently we’ve been working on a few projects related to charitable fundraising.

Now, there are few registered non-profits and charities where we actually have contact with staff.

Usually; in mid-September requests for donations received are received by postal mail, are in newspapers and online.

This is to get financial help for Canadian Thanksgiving which is October.

When our resources have run out what do you do?

You have to find more or find alternate ways.

Well, it’s not my strong suit to “walk into an office” & prospect leads.

Not at that point as of yet.

Being a long time telemarketer said I’d contact Canadian Charities mid-November & USA Charities after their Thanksgiving.

Had created a cold prospecting leads list & called them up.

Just how do you approach this type of call?

My easiest script is no script at all; just introduce yourself & reason for call.
This is much easier than regular cold calling & is my strong suit.

(Greeting) Good Morning/Afternoon

My name is (your name) & I’m looking to speak to the person in charge of fundraising.

May I ask who that person is?

Does it work?

Tried it with five or six nonprofits & all happily provided the contact info.

This is known as an Information Cold Call ONLY. You’re just gathering information.

Have spent a lifetime making these types of calls; even for family & friends.

Since not a sales call directly; responses are greater.

It’d be considered to be a lukewarm lead since you haven’t spoken with the appropriate person yet.

Contact is introduced AFTER the give consent.

This is VERY IMPORTANT in telemarketing.

Failure to do so can anger prospect; they’re not whom you already know.

TeleFriday serves to educate about the calling industry including Do & Don’t procedures.
Contact Centres policies for employees become a routine.

Cold Calling Do you have a fear?

Cold Calling is what so many people fear & I’ve never understood why.

You’re not always selling a product.

At times you’re the caller making an information call.

It’s never bothered me at all, even when I started in telemarketing at the age sixteen.

But then I spent my late teens to now making calls on behalf of others who needed someone to speak to customer service.

Whether phone, cable, Dr’s office or hydro company; I was always asked to “talk” on the call.

Yes, sometimes cold calling is to set up an appointment, other times to sell a product or ask for money donation to a charity.

The “selling part” always bothered me and was a fear; not the actual call in itself.

Making the call is so easy, children know how to do it.

There have been a few times when I have made a cold call from a business card because a client or networking group that I belonged to was looking for that service.

Or other times when looking for items for a fundraiser.

The first few calls on each project can be a little nerve-wracking particularly if you haven’t done so in a while.

After that it’s a smoother process. Have even done it from classifieds.

Two summers ago had to cold call for ourselves & that was rough the first few calls.
Got easier after the first hour.

Since you’re not in front of them; the worst they can do is hang up or say don’t call again.

Last Spring, returned to my residence after a client meeting. In front of my feet was a business card; a networking group had mentioned wanting a member in that exact industry.

So, I decided to phone & ask. If they said No, that’d be fine.

~ TeleFriday calling industry education ~

TeleFriday Customer Contact Centre

TeleFriday is all about the calling industry.

The industry particularly Telemarketers are misunderstood.

In telemarketing; telephone agents can deal with much abuse from callers on the other end of the line.

Yes, we realize there are not so nice telemarketers as well.

Both sides need to be aware of this.

Telemarketing or cold calling is a way of gaining new prospective customers for a business product or service.

It can be utilized as a way to reach consumers which is called B2C.
Example: Long distance services, plumbing, heating & renovation or other home services.

When it is utilized for Business Products; that is called B2B.
Example: Cash registers, product display cases, metal shelving, Point Of Sale products & more.

The Calling Industry is much more than Telemarketing.

Many call centres; also known as customer contact centres provide a variety of other services.

Those services range from Inbound or Outbound sales to Answering service to market research opinion polling to information lines such as are found with Government or Health Services.

Call Centres are quite popular in North America and in recent years Europe & Asia.

They provide a service to the general public, business owners and create employment for others.
While primarily known as employment for women, more & more males are seeking employment in this sector.

Small contact centres can have anywhere from 10-40 seats, while larger ones can have as many as 200.
The work is project dependent, some centres may have regular work & services offered can depend on time of year.

When we do B2B telemarketing;generally starting August to mid-September aren’t good times to call.

Same goes when the second week of December until mid-January rolls around.

TeleFriday serves to educate about the calling industry including Do & Don’t procedures.
Contact Centres policies for employees become a routine.

TeleFriday – Characteristics of a telemarketer

This will be our last one before we break for the summer season.

When articles first started it was to educate on the calling industry and end abuse of the callers.

Call Centre particularly telemarketing isn’t a walk in the park.

They have to deal with getting hung up on, screamed at, sworn at by irate customers.

And yes there are harsh as well as pleasant telemarketers same as with customers.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart

TeleFriday – Acceptable calling times

Calling industry has very strict guidelines on calling times.

If you are contacting businesses or on behalf of an external business – calls are 9-5pm (their local time).
There are no weekend calls as it’s not considered acceptable.

For contacting consumers – Calls are from 9-9:30pm (their local time).

Telemarketing calls on Saturday are usually 9-1pm (latest end time is 4pm).
Again their local time & Sunday calls aren’t allowed.

TeleFriday – Call Centre Procedures – Alphabet

Do these words mean anything to you?