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Transferring mobile phone images

Mobile phone images – Transferring

You have photos and videos on your cell phone & now you want to send them to someone or transfer them to your computer. Just how are you able to start transferring mobile phone images?

Recently; had taking photos of some documents that I needed to send to a family member.

Here are the solutions on how to get them off your phone.

1) Memory Card – if your phone has a memory card; you can purchase a memory card insert & reader at an electronics store. Usually $12-$15 each. You insert that into a computer USB and transfer the images.

2) USB charger – Plug the thinner end of the charger into your phone & the other part into a computer USB port to transfer the images from your phone camera.

3) Not a smartphone or charger trouble
This tech problem is what happened to me very recently.
My laptop kept saying trouble with the “USB drive” when the charger was plugged in.

Now, I had to get these time sensitive documents sent.

Didn’t really want to buy another charger or take the laptop for repair which would mean more delayed time.

Not liking this tech dilemma at all!

As the last resort to send these mobile phone images; had a thought.
Let me find out if I can send the document images by Text Message (SMS).

Then I remembered something. BEFORE the days of most everyone having a smartphone had tried something. Emailing photos by Text Message.

Here’s what I did, went to send a “Text Message” to myself & attached the images.

Instead of a phone number put in my email address in the phone number field.

Then went to check email.

And yay! Worked perfectly!

The images were in an email, could be forwarded & looked clear to recipient.

~ Saturday Geek – Taking you from Zero to Hero ~

Facebook Business Page Updates

Facebook Business Page Updates, you may be wondering just what this is.
Similar to your personal profile that you see when logging in; your business page also has a status box.

The difference is that your business page is meant for updates about your business, not pictures of your pets/children/what you had for lunch etc.

While that’s fine for your personal profile; unless your business is centered around your children, pets or what you had for lunch that day it’s best to keep things professional.

The reason WHY it’s called a “Fan Page” is because “Fans following your business” aren’t your “friends”.
Your friends may also be following your business page BUT updates must be kept at a professional tone & not be the same as your personal profile.

Think of it this way, would you talk to your boss or your parents in the same tone in which you talk with your friends?

There’s a few different types of written posts you can put on your business page.
1. Just written text & nothing else.
2. Written text & an image or website link.
3. Written text and a video

To avoid mass confusion; today we are only going to discuss the first option. Facebook Business Page Updates of just written text & nothing else is as it sounds.

It’s words in the status update box on your business page.

How to post this type of business page update on your Facebook business page.

It’s quite simple and easy to do.

For your easy to follow along instructions; watch the short video below.

Duration is only 1:36 mins and it demonstrates how to do so.

Saturday Geek is where we take your Tech Skills from Zero To Hero & make your process smoother by removing fear of using technology.

Difference between Facebook page types

Facebook Page: Business & Personal

Facebook Page – many people particularly in business don’t realize the difference.

Your “personal Facebook page” & a “business Facebook page” aren’t the same.

In the Spring was at a workshop.

Had run into others who we had met before at other business networking events.

During conversation; one of them mentioned that they weren’t tech savvy & that they didn’t use their Facebook account very much. They didn’t know how to use it.

Let them know that one of the services we offer here at VYA; is also Tech Training & our prices are inexpensive.

Much later; followed up with them to see if we could be of any help with their tech skills.

They admitted that they didn’t use their “Facebook page” too much.

They wanted to use it for promoting their business & had seen that so many sharing about non-business things such as trips, dining out & other personal activities.

So, then I asked them if they had a “Business Page” also known as a fan page.

As we went to set one up; found that they’d already created one but didn’t know they had one.

Your “personal Facebook page” isn’t a business page it’s your personal profile that you see upon login.

Helped them through realizing that both pages were “separate” things and how to tell.

Click to play the video below (Time length 2:25)

PDF – What is that?

What is a PDF?

It’s short for Portable Document Format.

Basically, it compresses your files such as a Word Processing document into a different format.

PDF’s give the document an easier to read finished look.

You may have heard of Adobe Reader which is a Free commonly used program.

It is becoming the more common way to send a Word file, particularly cover letters & resumes.

Images can be inserted to be aligned with written text in the document & it isn’t easy to edit; unless they have a program with those capabilities.

Among the feature benefits is that no matter which operating system that you use: PC or MAC you can still open it without having to worry about compatibility between the two different systems.

Nor being unable to open due the version of the program it was created in being older or newer version than the one that you have. Or even if you don’t have a font.

With a PDF, the file can be zoomed in to view as larger text.

Many programs nowadays also allow to insert markup notes or allow you to fill in form fields without needing to print or having an editing program.

Aside from Adobe Reader, there is another popular Free PDF Reader called FoxIt.

FoxIt I discovered when at a friend’s home once.

They are a lighter in size program that takes up less space on your hard drive.


PDF stands for Portable Document Format

Saturday Geek – Screencasts

Saturday Geek is about helping you ease Technology frustration.

Technology newbies and those who understand basic use alike will benefit.

New to VYA is Screencasts (Screeners); demonstration videos of actions on your screen.

The very first one made by us was an example of how to start making a Visual Goals Board also known as a Vision or Dream Board.

Since then we’ve made a few about using YouTube as well as about how to use Facebook. With many more to come.

The program that we were using saves as a file type that would open on some machines but not on others.

Not to mention our usual conversion process doesn’t accept this file type.

So, did some researching and found a ways to convert it.

Next step was to put them on YouTube & restrict viewing to only those that it was for.

In fact, that brought up another dilemma.

When making video demos of Tech How To social media demos causes an issue.

You don’t want the world to see in a video, your friends list, updates & what’s shared on your personal page.

Thanks to another who does demos we learned about a program allowing blurring.

Also, another industry professional suggested one they use, less expensive than the one suggested above.

Since we’re just starting out making screencasts & back from summer slump season; opted for the less expensive one that has most of the needed features.

Now, when people need help or a refresher they can watch our videos. They will be kept to a length of under 3 mins.

Here’s our first screener.

Some of the audio isn’t great; but hey it’s our first attempt. What a learning curve it’s been!

This one is almost 6 mins; the rest for Saturday Geek will be kept under 3 mins.

Happy Geek Life!

Which is better

Office 365 or Microsoft Office

Office 365 is the “cloud version” of Microsoft Office.

Yesterday had run into a friend I used to work with.

She had wanted to look at Tech products so we went to visit a few technology product stores.

When buying the “boxed version” of the software where you get the license key & where to download instructions.

With 365; it’s downloaded off the web directly.

Instead of buying the latest version you’re paying a month or yearly fee.

Boxed version approximate cost $299
Office 365 approx $99/yr

Which is better to buy? Is there cost savings to each version?

There are key differences other than cost to factor in.

Listen to the short audio.

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