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How to close a website popup

Website Popup

Website Popup is similar to a popup in a children’s book where you open it & the picture is “raised” & not flat in the book.

Similarly on many websites a box just ‘pops up’.

When the pop-up was first created long ago, they became the new favourite thing to put on any & every website.

It’s meant to catch your attention to a special offer or opt-in box.

When people started getting pop-up blockers or web browsers used to block them, pop-overs and pop-unders were created for the same effect.

Haven’t seen the other two being used in quite some time.
They could still be in use, but not that I’ve seen.

Yes, they are considered annoying but they’re meant to get attention & so you don’t miss what is being advertised.

Last week had been talking to someone who asked if they could get the link to our Tech Article about changes to Facebook’s messaging system.

After being sent the article; they replied that they couldn’t access the article as there was a pop-up in front of it.

Told them a pop-up is shown the first time you visit a website.
After that you don’t always see it unless you’ve cleared browser history.

It’ll close once you click “X” in the top right hand corner & then you’ll be able to read the article.

Had they not asked, they may not have known that.

Nor would we have been inspired to write a Tech article on that topic!

It was great Geekspiration – inspiration for Geeks!

You can find Tech Demo videos on our YouTube channel under VYA Online.

~Saturday Geek where our Tech Tips take you from Zero To Hero~

Installing Software

Another lesson for Geeks.

When your computer shows a notification for operating system updates and you’re installing software.

This is what happened to me just three days ago.

Decided to purchase a screencast software program that had been a trial program before.

After setup; my system had to be re-started for the program to fully install.

There were two options: Restart Now or Restart Later.

I ended up press ReStart Later and the box with the message went away.

No problem I could just re-start my system right?

Went to shut down the computer & there were three options.

Shut down

Install updates and shut down

Install updates and restart

Well, I wanted to get this program installation finished.

So, I restart.

Next thing you know I’m dealing with an error code 503

I keep dealing with downloading & trying to reinstall the program.

Nothing will work.

I fight with it multiples times trying to install & rebooting the computer as well.

Finally, give up saying I will be an upset customer with the company who sells this program.

I will talk to customer support in the morning.

Next morning, was waiting for customer support to be open.

Had a thought about installing the Operating System Updates.

After I did that, restarted the computer.

Now the program I’d installed was working.

Next time there’s a program that won’t finish installing even when you reboot; look for any computer or software updates needed.

That could be the problem that solves Tech agony!

Computers aren’t human and can’t tell us what we’re doing wrong when we’re installing software

All is well again with Tech running smoothly again here at VYA.

Even us geeks need to learn a Tech Lesson sometimes.

~Saturday Geek where our Tech Tips take you from Zero To Hero~

Facebook Message Requests

Facebook Message Requests

Facebook Message

For a long time; people who weren’t a Facebook friend could still send you a message.

It would come to your regular inbox.

Now since “Facebook messaging” has become “Facebook Messenger” it’s become more of a chat program such as an Instant Messenger.

Most people call messages “Texting” as it’s an app on their phone. Messages are sent & received in an instant; right after sending. Hence Instant Messenger.

Sometimes messages from people who aren’t a Facebook Friend would go to your “Other inbox” which was like junk mail folder you have in your regular email.

Just as you should check junk mail in your regular email (Hotmail,Gmail,Yahoo, AOL) the same applies on Facebook.

In the last year or so the “Other inbox” on Facebook has been renamed “Message Requests”.

This is where messages from people not on your friends list are found.

How do you find your message requests?

If on a desktop computer, tablet or laptop look at the diagram below. See the dark circle? That’s where you go to your inbox & see Message Requests.

Facebook Message Requests

Messages on Facebook from people not on your friends list go into Facebook Message Requests box

It’s there you can accept or decline a message. The person who sent it won’t know you’ve read it until you press “Accept”.

If using a Smartphone then go to Facebook Messenger app & open it.
On the bottom right corner you should see “Settings”. Tap that.
Next select the option that says “People” & then “Message Requests”

Whether using a computer or mobile phone; also check for “Filtered requests” which are what Facebook considers heavy “junk mail”.

How often should you check? Well, with regular email junk mail, every other day & same goes for Facebook. Check it at least once a week.

Server Errors

Server Errors – Getting around it

Server Errors.
Computers aren’t human and can’t tell between a real email and what is junk or a fake email.

One piece of tech advice that any Geek will tell you is; check your junk and spam filters.
So many times we say we didn’t receive something & that’s the reason.

Once had a company that had hired a new staff member that was sending their email announcements. Well; the email ended up in junk and I almost deleted it.

What stopped me was that it had my first name in the email subject line :
Hi ___, Here are our November Specials – or whatever the case might be.

This rule doesn’t just apply to junk mail folders.
Many times we are waiting for something & think it isn’t received.
Only to learn that it was trapped between other emails.

It’s really time-consuming to have to have to contact each person to see if they received the email you sent them.

Many times in our office we get email requests for our help.
And when we don’t have a phone number then we have no way of knowing if they received our reply.

If you’re waiting for an important return email & it hasn’t been received within two business days then the solution is to send another one.

People do get busy & things get missed. Or if you have a phone number to make a call to find out.

Whenever sending emails of a business matter to non-friends; I usually put the reason for the email & their name or the company it concerns.

This helps people recognize the importance & it gets less missed.

Example: ACME Cement Fundraiser


Hi Jamie Here’s the Sales Training PDF

That’s a good way to avoid email server errors & the other is to check junk mail every few days.

Tech Support are there for a reason

Tech Support teach Geeks a lesson

Tech Support is the tech equivalent of customer service.

If there is a tech problem then they are the ones to help you.

Yesterday all day was spent dealing with a technical problem.

Talked to tech support in the morning about the issue.

It had been building for a while and had kept putting off talking to tech support and dealing with it.

Finally, the time came that this had to be taken care of.

Spoke with support in the morning and they helped with the situation.

There was also need to take care of billing on our end before they could make changes to our account.

Since it was Friday, told them that it’d be taken care by the next business day.

In the afternoon, the bill was taken care of but tech problem was still there.

Contacted support again to tell them the service wasn’t working.

They looked into the issue, were able to make a change and did a reset on their end.

Everything finally was working again.

Most times when we buy a product or subscribe to a service; basic technical support is included at no cost.
We should use that when we need it, especially if it’s included at no extra cost.

Geek learns a lesson that you don’t procrastinate thinking you’re so Geeky & don’t need help.

Had support not been contacted, would’ve continued to be upset over this trouble.

Also, it would’ve caused more problems in the long run including swamped with needing to get caught up on work for clients.

There are times even Geeks have to ask for help with tech problems & not procrastinate dealing with technical glitches.

All is well again with Tech running smoothly again here at VYA.

~Saturday Geek where our Tech Tips take you from Zero To Hero~

What is a CSV File

CSV File and Excel conversion

What is a CSV file and is that the same as Excel?

CSV stands for comma separated values.

It is a Spreadsheet the same way Excel is.

The difference is that a CSV takes out the special formatting in Excel so that the data can be displayed correctly when uploaded.

Also, Excel is a proprietary “brand name” for a Microsoft Office spreadsheet program.

“Coke” is a cola beverage made by the Coca-Cola company, there are many companies that make “Cola” but there’s only one brand is known as “Coke”.

Heinz Ketchup is a brand of tomato sauce made by the Heinz company.

Many other companies make a type of Ketchup but there’s only one Heinz Ketchup.

Microsoft Office is also a brand name where what we known as Word Document is actually a Word Processing Document, Excel is a spreadsheet, Powerpoint is a document made up of slides. Access is a database program & so on.

Many services may ask you to upload a CSV. This is so the data displays without the formatting & they don’t have to worry about compatible file formats.

Same rule applies when you are downloading contact files such as email contacts.

CSV file can be opened easily in Excel.

Excel file formats won’t be easily accepted by programs requiring .csv

How do you change an Excel spreadsheet file into a CSV then?

It’s relatively simple to do so.

First, open up your spreadsheet file.

Go to the File Menu -> Save As

Choose the new file format and press save.

Now the file name will read Document.CSV instead of Document.XLS which is the extension for Excel files.

You’ll still have your Excel file as well, saving it in a different format doesn’t overwrite your file.

~Saturday Geek where our Tech Tips take you from Zero To Hero~