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Regular Customer Discounts

Regular Customer Discounts

Recently we had written a post about Customer Retention & Loyalty.
Well, to continue on that same topic especially for this upcoming weekend is Regular Customer Discounts.

In the last few years’ another few overly commercial holidays such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday have launched in Canada. They were already in the USA & start the day after US Thanksgiving.

Everybody loves discounts, freebies & special offers but it tends to mess with people’s minds.

Why we believe in regular customer discounts.

Having worked in call centres (as previously discussed) knew all the disgruntled customers who had been loyal subscribers of a service & many of them for a long time of up to 10 years at times.

Yet when there was a free offer or lower priced deal – it went to new customers. The long time customers felt cheated as if they weren’t important.

Our prices here at VYA Online are quite reasonable to begin with. Secondly, we underpromise & overdelive; so our clients get more than their money’s worth when they work with us.
Thirdly, new customers haven’t built a working relationship with us yet.

Lastly, don’t believe in commercialism & undercutting or undervaluing our services.

In the summer had learned that a service I belonged to as a paid customer was giving a special offer to new customers. And long time of my paying monthly apparently meant nothing.
I considered cancelling but didn’t.

Then they changed some of their features & services; that made my decision to leave easier.

At times; we do have special unadvertised deals but again they are for people who have supported us.

We don’t want you to go elsewhere; we want you to stay with us and hopefully forever!

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant – What is that?

Was asked this recently. Reputation Man; what do you mean by Virtual Assistant company?

Just what is that?

Explanation: Virtual Assistant is a self-contractor who helps business owners with their day to day office work.

Working from where they’re located & you pay only for hours needed when you need them.

If a business is a home office, works out of a co-working space or goes to clients offices; no need to worry about finding space or a desk for your assistant.

No need to buy any office equipment. Your assistant has all their own equipment.

They will work behind the scenes communicating with you through technology such as phone and email.

No worrying about benefits, sick pay or even holiday pay.

If a business owner doesn’t have any need to hire F/T Secretary then this perfect for them.

You will have more time to spend building your business & enjoy worry free time with your family instead of stressed out about your office tasks.

The benefits of not sleeping at the office or missing important occasions in your life will outweigh the cost.

Our target client is small business owners who are a one person company (solo entrepreneurs) or less than five employees & our rates are suited to that clientele.

Now they understood what we do.

Our VISION: Grow a business that allows utilizing skills in a profitable manner, gain a steady stream of income by assisting others & decrease global poverty by employing others.

MISSION: To be Top choice as service provider aiming Virtual Assistant companies by helping small business owners increase their ROI. Giving them back their time to work ON their business; not IN it. Decreasing their stress by handling the small tasks that weigh them down; allowing them to be able to enjoy their leisure time worry free.


Fall Season News

Fall Season News from VYA

Happy Labour Day Canada (Labor Day U.S.A.)
It’s a long weekend for us. That brings the last day of summer and as tomorrow it’s back to school for the kids and back to work for the adults. We have some Fall Season News here at VYA.

We’re ready to return back to work refreshed (even if time off is never as long as we’d like). *Smile*

First off we are increasing our level of customer service to serve you better. Not that our customer service was ever rated as bad; but we all can improve to make our valued clients happier. That doesn’t mean longer hours it means better service during our current operating hours.

Affiliate Program – Our Affiliate Program has returned. Anyone is able to register for an account and get their own customized link to send out about our Virtual Administrative Company & services.

Small modification this time around. In lieu of “money”; we shall offer credit for services or another token of appreciation from our contact base of valued service providers.

Giving Back – We highly believe in not only supporting community but our fellow entrepreneur as well.
Everybody was a struggling start-up once; in need of a helping hand of Professional friendship to guide them.
No one does it alone as a client once said to us. We all had help at one point.

Return to Business Networking – Spending the summer working outside brought our fellow entrepreneurs from all over.

Last week saw the start of return to regular business networking with a visit to BNI. After almost 4 yr hiatus; it’s time! That was a goal set for September 1st.

Our Blog – Regular articles will start again next week with our web shows returning on the 29th.

That’s All Folks of our Fall Season News! Happy long weekend!

Visual Goals

Visual Goals New Vision Board made

Everyone has a goal of what they want to achieve; visual goals that are in our mind.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take a trip to an exotic place, meet an idol, get healthier, buy a franchise or whatever else.

With a Vision Board; they’re just “visual” instead of in our minds only.
I was too tired yesterday so I made my new board this morning.

September 1st holds great significance for me because it was the birthdate of my maternal grandmother.
So..ended up waking up early & got to work on what I planned.
Organized what I needed & put it on 8.5″ x 11″ cardboard.
When I did that and covered up the cardboard decided to keep it on there.

When I’m determined to do something; then it needs to get done or I get upset with myself.

So..this morning I did & organized it the way that it should be.
Different sections on the board that correspond to different areas of life.
It’s a miniature board with images that I like & things that I found this morning at home such as Fortune Cookie sayings, the old version wallet sized card of Wealth Conditioning phrases from the Millionaire Mind & name tag from the last one attended.

The name tag has big meaning, in January 2015 I’d wondered should I go or not? Had that maybe I should feeling. At one point during the day, decided to sit next to someone instead of in an empty row.
Well, the person I sat next to was a person whom I’d gifted a conference ticket to but not met til now.

That was a nice feeling to hear thanks in person once we realized whom each other were. In fact both of us wondered silently: Did we know each other? Many go to various business networking, workshops or conferences.

Onward with Visual Goals

Vision Board Goals

Vision Board – Fall Season Goals

Vision Board – that funny little poster board with pictures of things you cut & pasted onto it.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I believed they worked or even knew what they were actually either.

And now have even created a few Memes about Vision Boards.

For those nonbelievers; here’s what converted me. Was home on day in mid-Sept 2013 and the t.v. was on. I’d wandered into the kitchen to grab something to eat and another was flipping channels. They stopped on a channel & the topic of the show caught my eye. (see video)

When I saw the above, it was an eye opener. And others who I have showed it to have passed it onto their friends. Each time it’s shared they quickly go to make theirs within a week for whatever their life goals are just as I had within three days when I saw this on television.

One of our clients that I showed it to said You made the second one with “heart”. And in fact; that’s absolutely correct. I still wasn’t a believer so I made it again & did the same as what I did when first taught how to make one at a workshop – put it away in the closet not believing…Then a few weeks later “news” of what had been put on board was received.

Your goals could be more money, new job, health, travel, new career..We’re not a “love blog” but it seems to raise everyone’s motivation LOL

One friend who I told this Vision Board story; said that that’s quite advanced for a young child. Yet another said he doesn’t believe that anyone that age could think that far ahead. I thought that maybe it was a fun activity guided by parents.

Here is the story on that “child” with the Vision.

Been thinking for a few weeks that it’s perfect timing to create one for the new season with updated goals.
That’s today’s Agenda at the end of the workday.

Want help making yours? Drop us a line!

After Work Anniversary News

Happy Monday!

Just returning tomorrow from a one week leave.
Was only a few days since VYA turned seven.

Here’s some news from us!

Every month there will be something fresh added.
Could be a new feature or website update.

Last month we launched our new website with a blog.
This month starting tomorrow will be the launch of audios.
Word Of Mouth Masterminds & Did You Know Show will also return!

The new VYA is here to serve YOU!

Much of our content is what has been taught or learned the hard way.
Often have called myself the Queen Of Wrong.
We all have gone for a long drive via stumbles roadway to reach our destination.

My journey to get VYA to this point wasn’t easy at all.
I had to endure much development of myself as well.

As we go on; will be sharing some of my story.
For me reaching this point where I don’t need direction (as much) is a BIG DEAL.
My entire life had there been vote for “future failure”; I would’ve won.

Anything that wasn’t a creative subject in school meant I was doomed.
In my mind I ALWAYS knew that I’d never be University material.
First of all my math skills (other than basics) are really lacking.

Up until about 4 yrs ago even feared sales.
Anyone who has ever met me laughs & shakes their head in disbelief.
Best way to describe me is a Social Geek! = )

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