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Social Media Postings

Social Media Postings – Times

Social Media postings; what times are good to post when you want to share something?

This discussion came up recently with an online friend who mentioned about sometimes you may have a burning idea or something you want to post on Facebook but it’s midnite & no one is around.

Well, for many people & particularly those involved in a business of any type their social media contacts aren’t always in their timezone.

I replied that while it might be midnite their local time; it’s afternoon somewhere.

2am in Los Angeles could be 2pm in Madrid or Budapest meaning that someone is online somewhere.

There are scheduling programs that pick optimized times of when that update will reach the most people.

Two months ago was talking to another I knew thru business networking & mentioned how we regularly share our blog posts online in the early morning. We weren’t getting as many article views when sharing early Sunday morning.

Reply I got was a laugh saying it’s one day when people sleep in & don’t read early morning blog posts.

We did hold off then the next week continued again as we had to get it out of the way.

What we found was that it depended on topic interest.

You need a catchy headline to capture interest & people will click.

Social Media Postings at 1:00AM local time Christmas Day still gets views.

Think who you’re trying to reach & clicks also depend on interest of end recipient.

Tech is my mine while yours could be science.

Our blog reach on most articles applies to readers in a global market.
Every business deals with Technology, Productivity & Customer Service.

Look at our recent website stats from this morning.

Social Media Postings Stats - Dec 26

Our website stats from social media postings of our blog posts

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Business Networking is everywhere

Business Networking happens everywhere.
It happens so casually in our regular lives that sometimes we barely notice.

When I was new in business & had just started business networking

Once at an old workplace, a fellow co-worker was chatting with me.
Mentioned what they were searching for.
Asked me if I knew anywhere they could buy that & I said no.
Yet another co-worker overheard & told us their friend could help.

Once was out on a leisure day & subject of a service came up as we passed by a building sign.
Well, it turned out that one had been looking for that but wasn’t sure whom to ask.
Then they told friends they’d gotten that service.

One person said he believes that people who aren’t in business; do more networking.

It is said that Word Of Mouth is the strongest form of marketing there is.

Many use the same hairdresser, accountant or share a great deal they found.

Often times people invite their friends to what they are going to or want to go because their friends are going.

Business cards are gained from networking events or business meetings but they can also be found on bulletin boards at coffee shops, grocery stores & apartment building mailroom corkboard.

Flyers about local services come in the mail.

Need a realtor? There are notepads, postcards, flyers & letters that arrive in the mail.

Do you ever read the paper seeing the same paid ads over & over?
Eventually, you recall that advertisement & call when needed.

Last week went for groceries & ran into someone employed by an onsite promotional marketing company.
Used to pass by their territory area when going to work. I knew the company thru other people as well.
We started talking & they told me of the different area managers.

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Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation complements regular business networking.
One business group, the female organizer had said that social media allows you to advertise your business product or service for Free.

In regular business networking, we meet people at business groups to find business leads.

With social media lead generation; it’s even easier. You’re in the comfort of wherever you are. Doesn’t have to be just a “friends list” or “follower”, it can be pages, photos or updates ‘liked’, paid ads, ‘shared’, ‘retweeted’ etc.

When working on fundraising initiatives for nonprofits; our personal list was quite small & had run out.
This is the time of year when many ask for financial support or items they need.
Advertising is everywhere: Newspapers, TV, online, signage or outdoor fundraising staff so we’re using that to our advantage.

Started seeing updates from these various non-profits & either contacted them or put them on our list to follow up with after the holiday season is over. The company we are assisting was most pleased with the leads sent.
We told them that the advertising was seen online & organizations contacted.

Yesterday morning came across two types of leads on two different networks.
1) Was a person looking for a certain service 2) Promoted Post about another business that a business group we belong to is searching for in order to add to their member roster.

The second one was actually an ad – a Promoted Post. Contacted both of them & presented the information asking if it would be of interest to them.

Many times find leads this way especially when seeing an ad or post about a service regularly.

Our “Business Rule” is that we present the information, introduce both parties & they make the buying decision.
You will not find pushy sales tactics here.

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Create your own Mastermind Meeting

If there’s no networking group available or they close during vacation times; then create your own Mastermind Meeting.

Masterminding happens when two or more people put their minds together so does networking.
Work we do with clients (in our company & yours) inspires ideas, article topics or services to try.
People are always suggesting ideas, networking groups, workshops or services to others.

Nobody wakes up self-inspired all the time.

When our old website was down & contacting affiliated companies to form a partnership with; was asked what website I’d provide for our company information.

Answer: while our website is under construction will direct to LinkedIn, business information & references were already there.

Just there someone got a workaround solution to no website available to show.

When we started our blog, all the topics were and still are inspired by conversations with others.

Even moreso with our Tech Articles which are usually result of help given to others. Our most common Tech Tip given is for people to check their junk mail folder.

When we ask a question on a dilemma or mentioning an idea gets answered.

Few years before VYA started; heard a networking tip that had been passed along to another.

The person said they knew someone who said that half of their leads came from business networking.
Couldn’t join a few groups that met regularly only allowed one person per industry & spot was taken.

He was told why not start your own? Invite rab a few fellow entrepreneurs to join you.

Two is better than one when it comes to business and there are many solo entrepreneurs who may be in that networking situation.

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Rolodex – Phone & email contacts

Networking and gaining leads is about who we know. When searching for a service, product it’s surprising how many people don’t look to whom they have in their Rolodex.

I challenge the fact that people are friends & don’t think in-house for that skill or product but go elsewhere.

Why you would think to support your friend just doesn’t compute with me.
So long as the have skillset needed & get the job done.

“Rolodex” was a card file that sat on your desk.

You would flip thru to find contact info.

Much similar to physical address books except for business contacts.

Here’s a tip I heard at a Network Marketing meeting once.

When it comes to approaching people; everyone always say I don’t know anyone. How many contacts do you have in your phone? Email? Facebook Friends?

Add to that any social network where you have followers.

Why would you open the Yellow Pages, search in Google or ask someone if they know a good mechanic even a tailor when you have a friend who provides that service?

I have been & would be upset when actual friends I supported who went elsewhere.

Networking is about building relationships (this was told to me) & friendship with those involved in business is a relationship already built.

My Father was employed an Accountant and when people who knew this needed help; they’d ask him.
Why can’t they work better now than a time when the internet wasn’t invented or widely used?

Once was at a dinner party met a woman who sold cosmetics & jewellery.

The other ladies said they all bought what they needed from her.

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