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CSR Wednesday – Customer Service makes or breaks any business

This our last entry for CSR Wednesday before we break for summer.

In the past have met companies & service providers alike that simply cared about sales
and not service. It is a well known fact that I’m honest about
how until a few years ago I wasn’t sales savvy. However I do know customer service.

With a Sea Of Competition, many companies particularly large corporations even banks
are realizing they have to up the service game to keep up. When WalMart first opened in
Canada they were the first to have a greeter to welcome shoppers into the store.
Many banks are also now increasing their customer service.
They hold appreciation days, are open longer or on weekends.

We can always improve our customer service in our businesses.

Listen for more.

CSR Wednesday – The Customer Service ‘Effect’

Last week mentioned about a bank commercial; “We don’t make you feel like a number”.

That was actually a Credit Union that I’d heard on the radio long ago.

In today’s world competition in just about any industry is fierce.

So, companies NEED (not should) to increase their customer service to keep their customers.

Top 3 types that get complained about often:

1) Financial – Banks, credit cards, mortgages

2) Telecommunications – Phone, t.v. & Internet

3) Utilities

Customers want & expect to be woo’ed. They want to be treated well in return for their loyalty.

Below is a commercial from a Canadian financial institution.
Must say I’m surprised at the ‘casual greeting’ not a common business practice.

CSR Wednesday – Which made the FIRST SALE?

In the past mentioned the age old Chicken Or Egg question in relation to sales or service.

Customer service is needed in every business!

Ever heard or seen a bank commercial about how “We don’t make you feel like a number?”

Listen to today’s CSR Blab!

CSR Wednesday – Customer Loyalty

Having worked in call centres; remember disgruntled customers upset telecommunication companies were offering incentives to “new customers”.

What about long time customer loyalty they’d argue; shouldn’t WE get that?

It’s these same customers that would threaten to cancel.

Last April; read an article written by another I met at networking.

He’d been a regular customer at a restaurant at least once a week for the past year.

The owner; a petite Japanese lady had hugged him.

Now he mentioned she walked with a cane; so I’d guess she’s 50+.

Never known many Japanese people but her reaction isn’t common.

In fact; if I was her I’d do the same.

With VYA the discounts go to those who support us.

There are no Black Friday, Super Sunday, Cyber Monday, Ten Percent Tues or ANYTHING ELSE!

I am actually against consumerism.

Rewards are earned when Professional Relationships are built.


CSR Wednesday – The two words which are a MUST

Ever worked in ANY job where you actually have to see or speak to customers?

Then, you will know THIS!

Please and Thank-you are an absolute MUST.

You end up saying it so often that it gets ingrained in your mind.

Just becomes a natural process.

In fact, to this day in all aspects of my life I’m such a stickler for this.

Should I not hear that then; I’m unhappy.

Yes, it does work both ways with helper & helpee role reversal.

When a person assists me or I learn something; make it a point to say thanks.

Hearing a simple Please or Thank-you can be start to a more pleasant customer.

They need to FEEL appreciated.

CSR Wednesday – The Chicken or the Egg of Sales & Service Importance

That age old question.

Was it that egg that was first OR the chicken?

The same applies to sales or service.

Was told by one who works in the financial sector they were told “only profits matter”.

Now..that’s a great goal to have of MORE SALES.

How do you get there though?

By being pushy? Shoving printed material at a customer? Non stop calls to potential prospects?

OR is it something else.

At times you must “woo the customer” with good service to get to ka-ching.


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