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This month most of our articles will be business networking related. December 5th is International Volunteer Day. Four yrs ago an article on Business Volunteering arrived in my inbox.

It had been published by another & I’d subscribed to article digests.

The article mentioned how volunteering is great for getting business leads.
And yes, we all need to make money but how about volunteering in a business setting?

Article author mentioned they’d started volunteering at a local association.
When the opportunity came that their service was needed; they were chosen.

I remember having once read an article about a man having volunteered at the YMCA in his town while unemployed & looking for work.

When a job fitting his skills was advertised in house; he applied & got the job.

I’m used to volunteering with causes & fundraisers. Hadn’t really thought much of it for business networking unless someone I knew was asking.

Well, that was about to change!

Switched up my networking to mainly conferences. It’s great for leads & exposure but don’t expect them right away.

As a volunteer you get to meet everybody, overhear conversations, know who does what & get “seen”. For a quieter person, great way to build communication skills.

Last fall, was olunteering at a conference. One person I knew passed by where I was & said everytime I see you it’s as volunteer.

I smiled & said It’s how I pick up leads!

Later, wife of a business group organizer passed by & said Hi, mentioning not having seen me in a while.
Told her networking is mostly conferences nowadays. Just then, her husband walked by. I say Hello & what I’d just told his wife.

His reply was best way to get leads!

Always nicer when experts in their field have the same advice!

Business Volunteering gains leads, references & increases your visibility.

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