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Few years back heard that it takes people seeing an advertisement 3-6X before people make a decision from Business Advertising Exposure for your company.

We can’t get away from ads. They are all around us wherever we look.

Quite a few years back had a bunch of broken electronic equipment that all need parts in order to fix.
Would go into online parts classifieds looking for the parts I needed.
Finally; one person got curious seeing the frequent ads for parts & emailed me asking Did I own an electronics store? He’d seen my ads looking for parts.

I laughed as I replied saying No, broken electronics needing parts so they’d work properly again.

Then about two or three years ago; there were so many commercials for a Samsung smartphone on YouTube.
I had no interest in purchasing it. Saw the commercials so often that I knew all the features & benefits of having that phone after seeing the commercials ten times.

Even got tempted to want to buy it after seeing the commercials non-stop.

Same applies to our business & even networking groups.

Many times people see ads online Craigslist, Facebook, Google and after a while it raises their curiousity.

I’d seen an ad quite a few times.
Kept telling myself that I should contact them; their service was a complimentary fit for a project that we were working on. Finally after six months; my curiousity hit the maximum level & finally contacted them.

This past Monday; the same thing happened.

Client Project we’ve been assisting recently & there was a company on the must contact radar.

Well, had seen another share a blog article from this company & that was the signal to finally get in contact.

Called them up to speak with them.

Business Advertising Exposure helps us remember.

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