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Regular Business Hours return

Just over three weeks since the holiday season ended & this week regular business hours will return to normal for all businesses.

Had to make a few personal customer service calls & the lines were busy which meant long hold times.

Some places offer priority call support which saves agony of sitting on hold forever.

During and after holiday times is stressful for customer service as first they deal with the mad pre-rush, then after holiday sales, inventory & returns.

Takes two weeks from the start of January for things to settle & another full week before things return to regular business hours tasks.

For non retail or online marketplaces things can be quite slow. This is industry dependent but this week everything will return to usual.

Having spent much of November with our usual yearly hiatus & then the holiday season with life commitments; we’re ready to get back into things.

Our plan here at VYA Online is to go back to business networking in a week from today.

Regular Business Networking and VolNetworking is on our list to take us into February and beyond.

Looking forward to putting our Business God lessons into overdrive!

We will also be getting ready for our company work anniversary is also in thirty-two days.

How will we celebrate?

The usual way with our MemeOlogy

What else would you expect from Geeks?


Saturday Geek (Formerly Tech Tipz Saturday) That’s so EASY Tech Lessons!

Welcome to Saturday Geek.

Our re-brand Tech Tipz Saturday.

Every week will be a different tech tip to make your digital life easier.

It always surprises people when they learn I’m a Geek & teach basic tech.

Little bit of history; as an early teen my hand had to be forced to take a computer class.

In fact only reason was to get out of taking an Accelerated Math Course my Father wanted me to.

During high school, few close friends were ‘geeks’ & I’d hear them talking “geek”.

Eventually jumped on the bandwagon.

There was a local tv show I’d watch on the weekend now & then.

Pre-VYA was geek helping friends with basics & even volunteered at a career centre.

When I was ill, a longtime close friend told me a relative of his had been in a self employment course with an older gentleman who needed help making a resume.

My response was that Why couldn’t I get a paid offer such as that! Have helped many update theirs before!

Then 2.5 yrs ago my Mother’s younger sister called wanting help over the phone.

How to download photos of Facebook?

From there started offering tutorials to others & weekly tech tips were soon to be born!

Later told my friend who had been paid to help write a resume.

He said That’s Sooo Easy!

Reminded him of his resume gig & we laughed about how I was envious back then.

Thus started the slogan…That’s So Easy Computer Training!

First tip: Every program whether Microsoft Word, Excel or a website has it’s own formatting.

If you’re trying to copy & paste then it can cause grief if you want to change anything.

Here’s how to fix that problem.

Copy and then paste into Notepad or any Text Editors (usually found under “Accessories” in applications).

It’s a text editor programmers & web designers use because it takes out formatting.

From there you can then copy & paste into whatever you wish.









TeleFriday – Education on Telemarketing & Call Centre Industry

Being a telemarketer or call centre rep isn’t easy. It’s actually quite stressful.

So many times pre-VYA when I worked in the industry would cringe when making early morning weekend calls.

One woman got so frazzled by an irate person that she walked off the job after 90 mins.

TeleFriday stands to educate the public to make everyone’s experience more pleasant.

‎Firecrackerology‬: We’re ‪UnProfessional‬ & ‪‎Unconventional‬ (Formerly ‪Networking Nuggets‬)

On our old blog; Thursday was Networking Nuggets.
I went thru a point in time where being remembered was forgotten by my closest relationships.

Maybe it’s just me as the ‘Memory Girl’ as I’m called but I don’t understand how one can forget the service or skill of whom they’re close to.

As I saw that happen with others; it prompted me to showcase how to not forget those in your personal network.

On Firecrackerology – “Firecracker” was a word originally used towards me in early 2010 & twice since.
When I first heard it; mentioned it to a former co-worker who is a senior. His reaction laughter. Then he told me it’s an older term & what it meant.

Firecracker meaning: Left hand way of describing a female usually petite. She stands up for what she believes is right & type that you don’t want to set off or her fiery temper explodes. It wasn’t until a while after hearing it the third time that I really understood.
The irony is that When I mention it people laugh. Those who don’t know the term ask isn’t that an ‘explosive’? And those women who do know the term are inspired all saying YES! emphatically.

Have added slogan We’re UnProfessional & UnConventional because those who stand out get noticed.

Steve Jobs quote –

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.

New Feature: CSR Wednesday

Wednesday’s at VYA are all about Customer Service.

All too often people only focus on the end sale the “ka-ching”.

What they fail to realize is what gets them to the sale.

Ever heard or seen jokes on commercials about used car salesman?

What I have learned thru my years of customer service is that sales is the ‘end result’.

Testimonial Tuesday – What are they?

Testimonials are the life blood of any business.

Just as references are a key to hiring.

What is a Testimonial?

It’s your past clients way of telling others the reasons to buy from you.

Can be given written, audio or video.

With audio it is their voice inflection & tone to show their client satisfaction.

Video allows you to not only hear their words but see their facial expressions and body language as they describe what they like best about your company

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