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Side Income for Layoffs

Side income for Layoffs

Job loss and layoffs everywhere we turn.
Caught a bit of the news last night & heard of a city with a mill shutting down.
They are laying off 200+ people & December isn’t a good month for it to happen.

Been fortunate to have never dealt with being laid off due to company closure.
Have had two seasonal jobs in my life & one of them turned into permanent.

Now the age of old question is it bad to be self-employed or is it better (or bad) to hold a regular job & risk closures & layoffs.

During most of my adult life was always a two jobs person in order to have a “safety net”.

If one job ended or was slow then I’d at least have a backup.

Many say that sources of income work the same way.

They say the Average Millionaire has at least Seven Sources of Income.

Friend that I’d made thru a former workplace once said that while he’s chosen to stay in a FullTime job; his income doesn’t stop there.

He believes that even those who work a regular job should have side income opportunities for extra money.

Many people involve themselves in Multi-Level Marketing or perhaps they’re a DJ, tutor, baker etc.

Have tried my hand at Multi-Level Marketing but it wasn’t what I was cut out for.

I also had very weak sales & prospecting skills at that time.

People often wonder what to do as a side income.

Friend had once asked myself & another what she should do.

Suggestion offered by me was pick skillset interest.

When becoming a technology tutor; it was because a relative called asking how to do something.
I’m a Geek just never thought it to make $$. Anything is better than zero.

What skill do you have to make extra money?

Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation complements regular business networking.
One business group, the female organizer had said that social media allows you to advertise your business product or service for Free.

In regular business networking, we meet people at business groups to find business leads.

With social media lead generation; it’s even easier. You’re in the comfort of wherever you are. Doesn’t have to be just a “friends list” or “follower”, it can be pages, photos or updates ‘liked’, paid ads, ‘shared’, ‘retweeted’ etc.

When working on fundraising initiatives for nonprofits; our personal list was quite small & had run out.
This is the time of year when many ask for financial support or items they need.
Advertising is everywhere: Newspapers, TV, online, signage or outdoor fundraising staff so we’re using that to our advantage.

Started seeing updates from these various non-profits & either contacted them or put them on our list to follow up with after the holiday season is over. The company we are assisting was most pleased with the leads sent.
We told them that the advertising was seen online & organizations contacted.

Yesterday morning came across two types of leads on two different networks.
1) Was a person looking for a certain service 2) Promoted Post about another business that a business group we belong to is searching for in order to add to their member roster.

The second one was actually an ad – a Promoted Post. Contacted both of them & presented the information asking if it would be of interest to them.

Many times find leads this way especially when seeing an ad or post about a service regularly.

Our “Business Rule” is that we present the information, introduce both parties & they make the buying decision.
You will not find pushy sales tactics here.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Create your own Mastermind Meeting

If there’s no networking group available or they close during vacation times; then create your own Mastermind Meeting.

Masterminding happens when two or more people put their minds together so does networking.
Work we do with clients (in our company & yours) inspires ideas, article topics or services to try.
People are always suggesting ideas, networking groups, workshops or services to others.

Nobody wakes up self-inspired all the time.

When our old website was down & contacting affiliated companies to form a partnership with; was asked what website I’d provide for our company information.

Answer: while our website is under construction will direct to LinkedIn, business information & references were already there.

Just there someone got a workaround solution to no website available to show.

When we started our blog, all the topics were and still are inspired by conversations with others.

Even moreso with our Tech Articles which are usually result of help given to others. Our most common Tech Tip given is for people to check their junk mail folder.

When we ask a question on a dilemma or mentioning an idea gets answered.

Few years before VYA started; heard a networking tip that had been passed along to another.

The person said they knew someone who said that half of their leads came from business networking.
Couldn’t join a few groups that met regularly only allowed one person per industry & spot was taken.

He was told why not start your own? Invite rab a few fellow entrepreneurs to join you.

Two is better than one when it comes to business and there are many solo entrepreneurs who may be in that networking situation.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Rolodex – Phone & email contacts

Networking and gaining leads is about who we know. When searching for a service, product it’s surprising how many people don’t look to whom they have in their Rolodex.

I challenge the fact that people are friends & don’t think in-house for that skill or product but go elsewhere.

Why you would think to support your friend just doesn’t compute with me.
So long as the have skillset needed & get the job done.

“Rolodex” was a card file that sat on your desk.

You would flip thru to find contact info.

Much similar to physical address books except for business contacts.

Here’s a tip I heard at a Network Marketing meeting once.

When it comes to approaching people; everyone always say I don’t know anyone. How many contacts do you have in your phone? Email? Facebook Friends?

Add to that any social network where you have followers.

Why would you open the Yellow Pages, search in Google or ask someone if they know a good mechanic even a tailor when you have a friend who provides that service?

I have been & would be upset when actual friends I supported who went elsewhere.

Networking is about building relationships (this was told to me) & friendship with those involved in business is a relationship already built.

My Father was employed an Accountant and when people who knew this needed help; they’d ask him.
Why can’t they work better now than a time when the internet wasn’t invented or widely used?

Once was at a dinner party met a woman who sold cosmetics & jewellery.

The other ladies said they all bought what they needed from her.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Networking without Business Cards

Today’s article is networking without business cards.

We are in the holiday season & if your family is anything like mine; taking business cards would get a disapproving look.

Have learned even if in your wallet, jacket, back pocket etc is never good when we are in “regular person mode”. Make sure you remove them & leave at home.

When we are in business, our eyes are always open for networking & leads.

I’ve said before much networking is in casual settings when around close contacts.

So, how can we do Networking without business cards?

The seasoned networker knows they can go to networking without business cards as most people know them by face & name.

When I was new, went to networking a lot; people eventually recognized my face.

With our private lives; we don’t want it to look like we’re networking or prospecting during conversations. Uncle Bob’s friend Jimmy who you meet at dinner sells printing & you need new brochures. Do you hand him your card across the table?

Cousin Mark’s new girlfriend Sally just started a catering business that provided tonight’s meal.

You’re holding a dinner party next month & been looking for a caterer.

What do you do?

Most people have a cell.

If during conversation; product/service of interests comes up; store their contact in your phone, same as you would if you were making friends.

What if one or both of you doesn’t have a cellphone or it’s in your car or the battery is low?

Phone battery charging or not near you? They can text or email their contact to you.

No cell?

Firecrackerology Tip – Go Back 2 Basics like we teach in Word Of Mouth Masterminds.

Grab a piece of paper or napkin & a pen – write it down!

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~