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Server Errors

Server Errors – Getting around it

Server Errors.
Computers aren’t human and can’t tell between a real email and what is junk or a fake email.

One piece of tech advice that any Geek will tell you is; check your junk and spam filters.
So many times we say we didn’t receive something & that’s the reason.

Once had a company that had hired a new staff member that was sending their email announcements. Well; the email ended up in junk and I almost deleted it.

What stopped me was that it had my first name in the email subject line :
Hi ___, Here are our November Specials – or whatever the case might be.

This rule doesn’t just apply to junk mail folders.
Many times we are waiting for something & think it isn’t received.
Only to learn that it was trapped between other emails.

It’s really time-consuming to have to have to contact each person to see if they received the email you sent them.

Many times in our office we get email requests for our help.
And when we don’t have a phone number then we have no way of knowing if they received our reply.

If you’re waiting for an important return email & it hasn’t been received within two business days then the solution is to send another one.

People do get busy & things get missed. Or if you have a phone number to make a call to find out.

Whenever sending emails of a business matter to non-friends; I usually put the reason for the email & their name or the company it concerns.

This helps people recognize the importance & it gets less missed.

Example: ACME Cement Fundraiser


Hi Jamie Here’s the Sales Training PDF

That’s a good way to avoid email server errors & the other is to check junk mail every few days.

Getting Business Leads for a Sensitive Industry

Business Leads Sensitive Careers

Often times when looking for or sending business leads run into sensitive industries.

We have to be careful how we ask or send to prevent angry responses.

It was once mentioned by someone that they’d signed up for classes on having a healthier diet.

Well; they told friends I’m doing this & if you’re interested too let me know.

One friend got quite angry; feeling this was an assuming “pitch”.
They had simply only mentioned it to see if anyone else was interested in joining them.

Another example; if a Headshot photography company contacts me & says you might want to get new ones.
I’d be unhappy thinking they’re telling me that my current headshots were less than satisfactory.
And chances of me buying or sending any future leads would be non-existent.

Last Spring; was out and one person said they wanted to get into shape.
I told them that another had sent me a workout program that I use.
Another woman overheard & remarked Your friend told you to lose weight?

No, I laugh! Nothing like that.

She’d said I’m doing this for MYSELF; if anyone else wants to join me then let me know.

This way it didn’t look as if she was soliciting anyone.
It was I’m doing this for me instead of “you need this” which would make even a broom angry.

Would you just recommend a therapist or Doctor without knowing they wanted one?

Business leads for sensitive industries or even mentions are best approached lightly & with sensitivity.

It’s better to say we’re doing this for ourselves & would you know anyone else interested?

That way asking for Business Leads doesn’t seem a pushy solicitation that gets an angry response.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Customer Retention & Loyalty isn't easy!

Customer Retention and Loyalty

Customer Retention and Loyalty is a big deal, especially with larger companies.
You may have heard the saying Happy Customer is Repeat Customer & tell their friends.
We were told this when I started work in retail.

One call centre that I’d worked at held group training & it was there that I’d met a girl who mentioned working for a local telephone service provider.

Mentioned to her how I’d applied before & even attended the pre-employment test but not been invited to interview.

She tells those of us near her that she’d worked in Loyalty & Retention.

They’d get all the disgruntled customers calls transferred.

Most times the problem was that special offers advertised were only for New Clients.

They were upset; didn’t feel their customer loyalty was appreciated & would threaten to cancel.

She told us; it was quite a stressful job trying to keep these long time customers happy & away from a competitor.

In actual fact; Customer Retention is what goes on behind the scenes on a daily basis in many companies.

Here at VYA; we give discounts to regular paying clients or those who have assisted us.

Our discounts are Professional Business Relationships built.

There are no Black Friday or deep discount days to drive extra sales and loss of profits.

Even with our Tech Training clients; we offer a discount once they are regulars.

After at least 4-6 paid sessions; we will happily include one for free.

That makes them happy & makes us happier when they return or tell people about our service.

It’s a Win-Win situation for everybody.

We need always need better ways to serve our customers in order to increase Customer Retention.

Without paying customers; no business can survive!

Tech Support are there for a reason

Tech Support teach Geeks a lesson

Tech Support is the tech equivalent of customer service.

If there is a tech problem then they are the ones to help you.

Yesterday all day was spent dealing with a technical problem.

Talked to tech support in the morning about the issue.

It had been building for a while and had kept putting off talking to tech support and dealing with it.

Finally, the time came that this had to be taken care of.

Spoke with support in the morning and they helped with the situation.

There was also need to take care of billing on our end before they could make changes to our account.

Since it was Friday, told them that it’d be taken care by the next business day.

In the afternoon, the bill was taken care of but tech problem was still there.

Contacted support again to tell them the service wasn’t working.

They looked into the issue, were able to make a change and did a reset on their end.

Everything finally was working again.

Most times when we buy a product or subscribe to a service; basic technical support is included at no cost.
We should use that when we need it, especially if it’s included at no extra cost.

Geek learns a lesson that you don’t procrastinate thinking you’re so Geeky & don’t need help.

Had support not been contacted, would’ve continued to be upset over this trouble.

Also, it would’ve caused more problems in the long run including swamped with needing to get caught up on work for clients.

There are times even Geeks have to ask for help with tech problems & not procrastinate dealing with technical glitches.

All is well again with Tech running smoothly again here at VYA.

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