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Cold Calling Do you have a fear?

Cold Calling is what so many people fear & I’ve never understood why.

You’re not always selling a product.

At times you’re the caller making an information call.

It’s never bothered me at all, even when I started in telemarketing at the age sixteen.

But then I spent my late teens to now making calls on behalf of others who needed someone to speak to customer service.

Whether phone, cable, Dr’s office or hydro company; I was always asked to “talk” on the call.

Yes, sometimes cold calling is to set up an appointment, other times to sell a product or ask for money donation to a charity.

The “selling part” always bothered me and was a fear; not the actual call in itself.

Making the call is so easy, children know how to do it.

There have been a few times when I have made a cold call from a business card because a client or networking group that I belonged to was looking for that service.

Or other times when looking for items for a fundraiser.

The first few calls on each project can be a little nerve-wracking particularly if you haven’t done so in a while.

After that it’s a smoother process. Have even done it from classifieds.

Two summers ago had to cold call for ourselves & that was rough the first few calls.
Got easier after the first hour.

Since you’re not in front of them; the worst they can do is hang up or say don’t call again.

Last Spring, returned to my residence after a client meeting. In front of my feet was a business card; a networking group had mentioned wanting a member in that exact industry.

So, I decided to phone & ask. If they said No, that’d be fine.

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Professional Network Building isn't by webmail

Professional Network vs webmail

The title of this article should actually be called Confessions Of A Contact Storer. That’s exactly what I was & how I started a “database” before VYA started. There’s a difference between having or building a Professional Network vs webmail.

Long ago, using the email program with my Internet Service Provider (ISP) email at that time. And I was having trouble with my email account.

Complained to a techie friend who suggested switching to Gmail.

Your ISP is for Internet Access I was told. They aren’t in the business of offering an email service.

Well, I set up a Gmail account & started to learn how to use it. Had learned from others who had Gmail that people who email you & that you reply to are automatically added to your address book.

They were the first web-based email (webmail) I’d heard of doing this.

Now VYA didn’t exist yet but there freelance projects or other side work opportunities.

And well when people emailed me; they were automatically added to the email address book.

Didn’t have a business & didn’t build a Professional Network either. Nor did I go to business networking.
Was a contact storer only.

Someone who held onto contacts if I had future need wouldn’t have to search again.

For example: Focus group recruiting or needing a professional service such as a photographer. It was easier for me to keep their contact for asking next time.

And this continued with many & never met.

Everybody has a “network of contacts” previously our friends & family in our email & now plus social media.

How often have we connected on social media to business people & not yet met?
Do you have LinkedIn? Look in your contacts.

Nowadays with VYA in existence, we have a Professional Domain email set up.

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Offline backups of materials

Offline backups and efficiency

Offline backups should be a necessity.

Here’s a situation that happened recently and that ruffled the feathers of my inner geek.

Three weeks ago had gone out on the weekend & as usual with my laptop in tow.

Had gone to visit someone at their home and thought I could get some personal work done.

In the interest of higher learning, goal setting and personal development have a few digital books both on the hard drive as well as in the Kindle Reader app. Not to mention online storage such as Google Docs and Dropbox.

The area usually has quite a few open internet networks showing as available.

Not this day though!

One would show, connect and then signal would drop or not connect at all.

Or show good signal strength but then the strength meter would say the signal was too low.

Spent the next few hours turning off wireless, then enabling, tried turning off the computer & more.

Nothing would make the Internet work & that meant I couldn’t access anything.

For a Geek who is trying to be productive; that is pure death by agony.

Taught me a lesson about being a Geek & productivity with having offline backups.

If we want to be more productive and lead an efficient business or even life; we don’t need to always depend on technology.

At least one of books I wanted to read and work on; is also available as a print copy at the bookstore.

Two summers ago had given that same suggestion to another who said their computer was out for repair so they couldn’t look up a store website to find out if a book they needed was available.

Yes, time to take my own suggestion: Pen & paper notebook work just as well. They don’t stop working when the Internet signal is weak.

Reputation Man

Reputation Man – First blog post

Welcome to my first of many blog posts and on my birthday. I’m excited for my new role as Reputation Man taking over Head of Operations here at VYA.

With a new website and new domain for VYA as of last February 29 that means a fresh start.

The direction that VYA is taking is aligned with what is important to me.

I shall lead them into furthering developing their reputation as well as business exposure both online and offline.

Having come from an employment background in face to face sales, this is a perfect opportunity.

I’m a firm believer in tackling global poverty by employing others both nationally and internationally.

Empowering girls to maximize their true career potential and to achieve what they want in life is also of utmost importance to me.

That means starting with education for all children because they are our future mentors and leaders.

I will be writing regular articles about our company brand and what we strive to achieve.

Will also be starting going to professional networking groups soon as well.

Part of my role as reputation man entails visiting business communities across Canada in an effort to spread word about our company values and what we strive to achieve.

Also new is being active on social media to help demonstrate how our company gives back.

We are more than writing a cheque, it’s our time which is the more important gift to charitable groups.

Creating Heroes in our business world.









Facebook Business Page Updates

Facebook Business Page Updates, you may be wondering just what this is.
Similar to your personal profile that you see when logging in; your business page also has a status box.

The difference is that your business page is meant for updates about your business, not pictures of your pets/children/what you had for lunch etc.

While that’s fine for your personal profile; unless your business is centered around your children, pets or what you had for lunch that day it’s best to keep things professional.

The reason WHY it’s called a “Fan Page” is because “Fans following your business” aren’t your “friends”.
Your friends may also be following your business page BUT updates must be kept at a professional tone & not be the same as your personal profile.

Think of it this way, would you talk to your boss or your parents in the same tone in which you talk with your friends?

There’s a few different types of written posts you can put on your business page.
1. Just written text & nothing else.
2. Written text & an image or website link.
3. Written text and a video

To avoid mass confusion; today we are only going to discuss the first option. Facebook Business Page Updates of just written text & nothing else is as it sounds.

It’s words in the status update box on your business page.

How to post this type of business page update on your Facebook business page.

It’s quite simple and easy to do.

For your easy to follow along instructions; watch the short video below.

Duration is only 1:36 mins and it demonstrates how to do so.

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Customer Service is part of the sale.

Customer Service before you sell

Read an article recently about marketing and being of service to customers.
Can’t tell you any great marketing suggestions; that’s not my skill strength.
However; when it’s about customer service..I can help.

The article I’d read actually reminded me of a recent experience.
Few months back had been in a coffee shop & ran into someone I knew.

She’d wanted to possible buy some software or phone accessories.
We went to a few nearby stores to go have a look before leaving the area.

The last place we went we were greeted by one the sales reps who was standing by.
Well, if you’ve ever met a person who asks the same question upon question each leading to another then you’ll know the type of person I’m talking about. The sales guy was actually quite polite and not annoyed as he gave the same answer to twenty minutes of questions.

He explained the benefit of each product she asked & even price ranges. At the end of her Q & A the sales guy still DID NOT push a sale.

One thing the sales guy said stuck with me. He said that if she had noticed; he did not push a product particularly the more expensive one. His job was to educate the customer on what was suited to their individual needs. The final buying decision was upto the customer.

That made my friend happy & she planned to return when ready to buy.

Too many people think pushing for the sale is how to get customers to buy. Actually, customer service is part of the sales & most times that’s how it starts.

Let’s look at it this way. If you called up your friends to always push your products, don’t you think after a while they’d stop answering? The same rule applies here.