Visual Goals New Vision Board made

Everyone has a goal of what they want to achieve; visual goals that are in our mind.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take a trip to an exotic place, meet an idol, get healthier, buy a franchise or whatever else.

With a Vision Board; they’re just “visual” instead of in our minds only.
I was too tired yesterday so I made my new board this morning.

September 1st holds great significance for me because it was the birthdate of my maternal grandmother.
So..ended up waking up early & got to work on what I planned.
Organized what I needed & put it on 8.5″ x 11″ cardboard.
When I did that and covered up the cardboard decided to keep it on there.

When I’m determined to do something; then it needs to get done or I get upset with myself.

So..this morning I did & organized it the way that it should be.
Different sections on the board that correspond to different areas of life.
It’s a miniature board with images that I like & things that I found this morning at home such as Fortune Cookie sayings, the old version wallet sized card of Wealth Conditioning phrases from the Millionaire Mind & name tag from the last one attended.

The name tag has big meaning, in January 2015 I’d wondered should I go or not? Had that maybe I should feeling. At one point during the day, decided to sit next to someone instead of in an empty row.
Well, the person I sat next to was a person whom I’d gifted a conference ticket to but not met til now.

That was a nice feeling to hear thanks in person once we realized whom each other were. In fact both of us wondered silently: Did we know each other? Many go to various business networking, workshops or conferences.

Onward with Visual Goals