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Vision Board Goals

Vision Board – Fall Season Goals

Vision Board – that funny little poster board with pictures of things you cut & pasted onto it.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I believed they worked or even knew what they were actually either.

And now have even created a few Memes about Vision Boards.

For those nonbelievers; here’s what converted me. Was home on day in mid-Sept 2013 and the t.v. was on. I’d wandered into the kitchen to grab something to eat and another was flipping channels. They stopped on a channel & the topic of the show caught my eye. (see video)

When I saw the above, it was an eye opener. And others who I have showed it to have passed it onto their friends. Each time it’s shared they quickly go to make theirs within a week for whatever their life goals are just as I had within three days when I saw this on television.

One of our clients that I showed it to said You made the second one with “heart”. And in fact; that’s absolutely correct. I still wasn’t a believer so I made it again & did the same as what I did when first taught how to make one at a workshop – put it away in the closet not believing…Then a few weeks later “news” of what had been put on board was received.

Your goals could be more money, new job, health, travel, new career..We’re not a “love blog” but it seems to raise everyone’s motivation LOL

One friend who I told this Vision Board story; said that that’s quite advanced for a young child. Yet another said he doesn’t believe that anyone that age could think that far ahead. I thought that maybe it was a fun activity guided by parents.

Here is the story on that “child” with the Vision.

Been thinking for a few weeks that it’s perfect timing to create one for the new season with updated goals.
That’s today’s Agenda at the end of the workday.

Want help making yours? Drop us a line!

Working Life Balance

The best way to be more Productive is to enjoy after work time.
And that means having a Working Life Balance. Too often we get so caught up in our work that we don’t enjoy the simplicity of not worrying about work tasks or money.

Doesn’t mean you have to spend enormous amounts of money. Last Wednesday, had a super productive work day & had a few personal errands to run.

Had to go to the bank so put on my shoes and was out the door.
Even before I went had decided I would go to a different branch; as my other errands were in the same district.

So, I went the way less frequented by me.
Passed by a store that was having a surprise clothing sale and I needed a new belt.
Lucked out with a purchase at 75% off, then I went off to the bank.

When I got there had only been in line a moment when from staff only area emerged a woman asking if she could help me. There wasn’t a huge line at all. Only me in line waiting for the next teller.
Could’ve been the bank manager maybe? She gladly helped me out & suggestion benefit of an added service.

Then went for an ice cream sundae treat. Inside the store saw a newspaper with a sale flyer on professional attire.

End result was: got what I needed, had dragged myself out, saw places having special promotions & did something other than sit at a desk all day with only myself around.

Came back home inspired with content for a customer service article thanks to a great experience at the bank.

It was a good day of Working Life Balance which as of next month will be a weekly plan.

Maybe it was the Ice Cream Sundae that made it all happen…we’ll never know.

Home Office Increase productivity

In today’s world many business owners work from a Home Office.
Or they have no actual office.

Recently had an appointment to conduct Tech Training.

After they left started thinking maybe it was time to be less of a Virtual Worker.

Next day went back to the same spot.

Ended up running into another I knew who lives in that area.
They had just entered that location, walked past me & wondered if it was me.

She sat down and we started talking.

What was happening in our careers, was I working & what was I doing etc.

Told me what was up with them & their employment situation as well.

Being a solo worker most of the time it was nice to run into someone.

Too many people work from a Home Office and miss out on the Face to Face of when we were once in an office environment.

Most of the time our staff works alone from wherever they are with what needs to be done.

What we get at business networking can’t be brought to us while we’re working.

Solution is to get out of your Home Office or Virtual WorkSpace at least once a week.

Face to Face interaction increases our energy, gets the creative juices flowing & increases our productivity.

Ideas come to us easier, information is learned & it turns into a form of Business Networking.

And they say Business Networking is about building relationships & how 80% of leads are Word Of Mouth.

Even conversation with strangers while we’re working can lead to all of the above.

While the good summer weather is still here; let it increase your productivity.

Get a laptop & just enjoy being outside your usual environment.

Make a Get It List & increase your efficiency

Lists – Make a Get It List

Lists are great for helping improve our productivity in order to reach professional goals.

Just what is a Get-It-List?

Good question. It was something that I thought of in my sleep last night.
Yesterday was talking to someone I knew thru business networking about vision boards.

They had gotten great news by putting something on theirs just recently & I told them I’d gotten great news as well. Wasn’t the full news I’d wanted particularly a trip I wanted to take. But, I’d put being on the beach & now spending the summer at the beach.

You may have heard of making lists such a To Do List or even To Be List (for what you want to achieve).

Here at VYA we often mention our To Meet List & as of last night have now created a Get It List.
Woke up this morning with inspired & the first person who came to mind was Jack Canfield & what he’d likely say. So, we shall say it was him that sent us inspiration.

With a Get It List we can make ourselves more productive by having something to look forward to. Once we’ve written it down we work hard to efficiently achieve this promise to ourselves.
Write your list of what you wish to “Get”.
Each day say your Get It List items out loud over & over.

For example: Say to yourself: I’m gonna Get It then what you want to get.
Raise or promotion at my current job
What you’ve always wanted to learn
3-5 new clients

Once we tell ourselves over & over I’m gonna Get This or Do That we’ll eventually do so if that’s what we really want.

Be that broken record or skipping disc & you’ll be way more efficient in no time.

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