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Office Closed: Non work time

Office Closed.

We are always connected so even when the office is closed; many times we still deal with “work”.

It’s an easy trap to fall into but once we force ourselves into ‘office closed’ mode, we can’t go back to our old ways.

The last few months due to a personal project it’s been much of the time working weekends.

Finally, now it’s back to regular hours & spending the weekend enjoying it.

Doing something non-work related helps as we enjoy what life was like before becoming entrepreneurs.

Make us more refreshed when we return.

If you need to then take 30 minutes in the morning to get what needs doing & 30 minutes at the end of the day.

Recently had conferences to attend so got what was needed done early & had a tech break.

Working too much overstresses which in turn ends up making a burnt out person even more grouchy.

We aren’t at out optimum best when we are burnt out and don’t function well with our work.

How do we stop the influx of emails and calls?

Was once given a suggestion by another when I was getting overstressed by non stop emails and calls for what wasn’t important or an urgent need.

Put your auto reply into effect.
Don’t answer calls or if you do simply say that they’re calling outside business hours.
Tell them to call back during regular business hours.

State that after hours and weekend requests are billed at a Premium Rate that need will soon disappear.
Don’t accept Text Messages in your non work time. In our office it’s disallowed at any time.
The only exception is quick information to be sent & that privelege is for select few.

Also, put office hours on your social media as well.

Alternative Software: Open Office

Welcome to Saturday Geek where we discuss Technology Tips to make your use easier.
This week we discuss Alternative Software.

There are competitors with alternatives to popular software.
Usually, less expensive to purchase than the brand name or often times even Free.

Does alternative software serve a purpose as better or worse than the more expensive software?

Each has their own key features only found within that program.

One example of an alternative is Open Office which provides the same basic functionality, use and features as Microsoft Office does.

Open Office is a Free Program while Microsoft Office is proprietary software that needs to be purchased.

Why would anyone buy an expensive program if there’s a less expensive alternate?

As with any product or service with an alternate they are similar but not exactly the same.

Which should you buy? How does it compare to the competition?

Learn what you should do before deciding which software program you will use.
What should you ask? What should you find out? Which is the better program for you?

Have a burning Technology Question? Or are new to Tech and don’t know who to ask?
Contact us about our private low cost training available online worldwide.
Zero to Hero guaranteed.

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Monday I Blab: Online Research: Surveys

Whether by phone, mail or online research; surveys are getting feedback on a customer experience.

From small Mom and Pop shops to large conferences or even
multinational corporations; it is effective for all.

Product makers as well as service providers alike want to know
where they are doing well and where they can improve.

Type of questions in surveys range from price to product description, packaging &
was it difficult or easy to use?

Find out more: