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Service: Note Taking

Note Taking – Meeting Minutes

Note Taking – is how your assistant can help you.

You can have your assistant attend an in-person meeting with you and take notes during a meeting.
Or if you can’t attend they can go as your company representative and fill you in later on what happened as well as send their notes.

“Virtual Assistants” are usually remote employees that work “unseen”.

If your assistant is in your local area you can ask if they will attend meetings on your behalf (if needed).
From time to time; you may be able to send them to participate.

There are also other types of meetings that your assistant can help you with note taking.

Every business owner needs to schedule in  quiet time.

Quiet Time & greater productivity

Quiet Time

In school; this was usually reading time or working on schoolwork without any interruptions.

For business owners; this can lead to ideas & better efficiency as we become more productive.

There’s re-charging time & then there’s quiet time; not always both at the same time.

Re-charging our inner batteries is about non work activities whereas moments where it’s quiet is when do our best thinking.

It’s best to pre-schedule this time away from all distractions.

Even if it’s just a day at home, take one hour. Even once a month is good; twice is better.

You’ll find that the ideas flow within, you feel MORE energized about your business & be much more productive to take things to the next level of increased profit.

Once we try it, we will wonder how we ever lived without it.

Doesn’t mean going anywhere or spending a lot of money.

Can be as simple as just relaxing at home alone or going for a short walk.

Which is better

Office 365 or Microsoft Office

Office 365 is the “cloud version” of Microsoft Office.

Yesterday had run into a friend I used to work with.

She had wanted to look at Tech products so we went to visit a few technology product stores.

When buying the “boxed version” of the software where you get the license key & where to download instructions.

With 365; it’s downloaded off the web directly.

Instead of buying the latest version you’re paying a month or yearly fee.

Boxed version approximate cost $299
Office 365 approx $99/yr

Which is better to buy? Is there cost savings to each version?

There are key differences other than cost to factor in.

Listen to the short audio.

Online Calendars Efficiency

You’re not around your calendar at the moment. Yet you get a call about an appointment request.
What do you do? The solution is online calendars!

First thing we added when launching this new website back in February 2016.

There are various companies out there that offer this service.
How to know which to choose?

Take a look at the features the online calendars provide – Is it just an online calendar?
Does it allow being put on your website?
Reminders of appointment? Are they sent and how?
Will it sync with your email and/or phone calendar?
Cost vs Features?

ASK! Find out which ones others use, pros/cons & do your own comparison.
Look at the FAQ of each one, find their reviews online & even contact the company itself with questions.
Would you buy a vehicle or hire a sitter without checking reviews?

The one that was picked for our company, we actually knew of before. Had met company reps at a conference & the deciding matter was that it was not only a fit for what we needed BUT remembered this calendar service when we’d seen it on the website of another.

No longer do we have to manually enter appointments into our company calendar.
Prospective clients can see the available time slots & book a time.
We are automatically notified to accept the request=Major time savings!
It’s a huge stress off our shoulders now that appointments can be booked directly.

Now, if that same message could be conveyed to let people know to check their junk mail; our life here at VYA could be almost perfect!

Here’s the link to the website calendar we use: It’s Free to start with Premium Upgrades.
Online Calendar Management

We’re sure you’ll be just as happy with it as we are.

Email Subscriptions: How To Manage

Email Subscriptions – how to manage overload.

Nowadays most of our purchases are online whether that be a Free Webinar, Video Series, Ebook, PDF, networking club or physical product.

Chances are that you have email subscriptions coming to you at least once a week.

Since our email account changed this past Feb, we have been lucky to not get put on “lists”.
Actually; we have a separate email address for that.

Just what do you do?

How do you handle your inbox being filled with email newsletters?

Can you really handle email subscriptions and their overload?

Listen to this short audio for what is Free, Easy to use & can help!

Looking for help not covered here?
Why not drop us a note and ask about our private training available worldwide!
We’ll take you from Zero to Hero GUARANTEED!

SheFirecracker Role Model: Malala

SheFirecracker Malala Yousafzai – Teen Activist & our role model turns Nineteen TODAY!

Just a few years ago herself & other schoolmates were shot to keep them from gaining an education.
Malala has defied that with fierce determination & her parents supported her.
(Mine & probably yours would’ve smacked & said OBEY).

Men who take a stand are called Hero, women aren’t Heroine when they do the same. Firecracker is someone usually strong female who stands up for what they believe is right.

Thus we invented the term SheFirecracker to inspire women to have Man Energy what we call ManErgie©
Putting strength of a what men are told Bravo for into future women leaders.

SheFirecracker: The term generated by VYA for strong female leaders.

SheFirecracker: The term generated by VYA for strong female leaders.

Education & literacy is taken for granted by those who have access to it.
It’s not a basic right available globally & without some education; a person cannot advance.
I know when I was nearing high school graduation I was oh if only I’d taken this or that, studied harder etc.

My maternal Grandmother taught me ‘giving back’ probably had no idea what that was.
She wasn’t literate & always used to tell me that she wished she’d gone to school.

Growing up heard non-stop how important education was. In our cultural background; education & especially for females is stressed. Uneducated women can be prey to those who want to keep them oppressed.
It’s not as easy to do the same with an uneducated man to be treated inferior.

Every time I’d argue with my Father; his signature phrase was: Boys can sleep on a PARK BENCH.
Girls can’t sleep outside & without it; your life WILL be tough.

I did not obtain a “degree” from post-secondary & there were some things I struggled with in school but I did finish high school.

As we say around here Firecrackers are UnProfessional & UnConventional!

Happy 19th Birthday Malala! We give you a SheFirecracker salute!

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