Monthly Archives: June 2016

Efficient Sunday – Urgent Tasks vs Non Urgent Tasks

When we start our day; we get the non urgent tasks out of the way first.

That way we have the rest of the work day to concentrate on the important work.

Anything that doesn’t deal with having to contact anyone waits until regular business hours.

First thing that we do is set our advertising & posts for the day.

Then we deal with email.

Also, if working late or working early don’t want it to become a habit that we’re reachable anytime.

Saturday Geek: Online File Converting – for FREE!

For the infrequent conversion of most files.

It’s not worthwhile to purchase a program for regular use.

Learn about an online file conversion website that can do the job for you quickly & easily.

Costs nothing!

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Data Entry your way to Increased Profits – Step Two – Re-Networking with past contacts

Last week said: Quite often too often business cards or contacts are collected.

Then when business slow down means go back to networking to look for new clients right?

Let us help you re-use those same contacts to gain you new business.

Listen to this week’s audio:

Efficient Sunday – Using time saving tools & apps for follow ups

I’d seen this mentioned online in a common business group.

One woman had said that she absolutely loves FollowUpThen.

You just put it in the BCC field of your emails when sending.

Choose when you want the reminder to come into your inbox.

You can delete the email you sent as it will be resent to you with the reminder.

No more having to ‘remember’ to send this, ask for that file or worry about your next follow up.

The reminder will be sent to you when you specify.

It has become a handy little tool around our office.

And the basic plan is FREE!

Check them out online at: followupthen (dot) com

Saturday Geek – Attaching files into an email

Have you seen people when wanting to send an image or document, they paste into the email body?

It’s so much easier & effective to attach it.

When you go to send an email, at the bottom of the screen usually is a range of options.

Look for the “paperclip”, click that & find the file location.

Select the file you want to send & press ‘Open’.

That will send it as an attachment into your email.

(There is no audio this week due to being ill).

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Feature Of the Month: May 2016 – END of a Chapter in this Business Book

Two and a half months ago was the day that our old domain went out of service.
After a meeting had discovered only two new emails & knew something was wrong.

The next day our new company email address was set up.

Still held onto the old domain in case it could be re-registered, sadly that wasn’t the case.
Just a few hours ago, it was permanently removed from our system & now we say good-bye!

Time for our new domain to take over as we start fresh TODAY!
I happen to think the last day or first day of the month as leading to anew.
Didn’t think it’d EVER happen about choosing a new domain; it was a thought over the last two years.

Good-bye it was a good 7 yrs years that we had together!