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Efficient Sunday – Email Signature helps with Productivity

It was mentioned last week during Saturday Geek that we’d discuss email signature productivity.

Just how are email signatures productive?

Well, you put your business information, opening hours, telephone number, website and any other information.
Our signature has our company name, website, office hours, social media links and even latest blogpost.

People know when they can and can’t reach us. Also, when we are Out Of Office on holidays; we will put that in our email signature as well.

This way people who we respond to see it often & are “in the know”. They can also click to read the latest blogpost.
We can also list “specials” that your company may be having, latest tweet etc.

If you don’t want your signature to be that “fancy” even a basic one with written text will do.
Your signature can be your “silent info marketing” about the product or service you offer.

People see your “tagline” enough times, they want to know more. Why not use it? It’s free!

If it can work for a web-based email company whose service you use; why not for yourself?

Saturday Geek: Hyperlinks – How to undo this: Automatic feature

Hyperlinks are when a web address or email is automatically underlined in a document.

They are “clickable” but you may not always want that.

Common feature in programs such as Microsoft Word.

How do you fix that?

Monday I Blab: Service – Bringing out the Inner Firecracker

Three years ago was the Professional meeting destiny.

Had learned of a company about 15 months before. Nothing new, right?

Now on this day at a workshop; recognized the logo & asked had we met before?

Project of my dream was what line of work his company was in.
What was an even bigger dream to be was that he’d later help realize just WHY all of a sudden kept hearing this term “Firecracker”.

Listen to the audio & watch for Part Two!

Efficient Sunday – Image Change For More Productive Meetings

High impact conferences are our networking particularly this season.

Seems as if major world conferences all of a sudden just came out of nowhere.

Had a Tech appointment at a well known company branch office & got to thinking about “image”.

Not a place one can go in “jeans” & made sure to be Business Casual.

Felt that a haircut had been needed for a while so went to a hair salon recently discovered,
The hairdresser had asked what work I did & told her of our team of assistants.
Turned out she might need future help.
After leaving; started thinking “business attire shopping”.

That was yesterday’s agenda to buy more Business Casual attire for sake of having on hand for meetings and conferences particularly ones with top notch world experts. Not crazy enough to mess this up!

Some are attended as staff & other times regular guest.

Meetings and Networking is more productive when we “look the part”.

Saturday Geek: Email Signature – Your Free Marketing Team

Email signatures are a free tool included with every email account. Your email can be used to your advantage especially for business owners.

Your signature takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

It speaks volumes without you having to do or say anything!

Long ago read a marketing article that talked about this.

It said that Hotmail gets you to promote them for free.

Look at the bottom of each email, they automatically insert an email signature that reads Get a free web based email address for life.

Now, if someone needs a new email address they know where to go.

Article suggested working your email signature.

I’ve remembered this since that day & didn’t have a business at that time.

Added a signature to my personal email for independent projects I was doing.

One time was asked You’re not trying to recruit me for ____ are you?

I had simply contacted them about something else.

Had not mentioned the independent project in my signature.

When I replied back; told them this was my personal email.

In the signature was what I was working on & there was no “recruiting” when it’s in the signature.

Quite stupid of them to ask when I hadn’t said anything to them.

At least they noticed my email signature!

Monday I Blab: Service – Online Research

When it comes to online research it can vary depending on need.

Examples could be finding similar companies in your market,
or find a list of particular types of companies you are seeking to market to,
it could even be others in your industry that you are interested in collaborating with.

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