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Efficient Sunday – Email Productivity – Junk Mail Folder

You may be wonder how is junk mail productive?

It’s not. Read on for more.

Often times we need to send a file, document or information on something.
With email accounts we can do so with the click of a button.

The productivity lesson here is check the junk or bulk mail folders in case something ended up in there.
It takes even MORE time out of our day when a quick email has to be turned into multiple follow up phone calls.

This has been mentioned as a Tech Tip & it can be filed under productivity as well.

Three months ago when our offices got a new domain email contacted clients as well as others who “frequently contacted” us to let them know.

Anyone that didn’t reply within two business days was followed up with a phone call.
In our case there were only a few who needed a follow up call thankfully.

Often times even with friends have sent important instructions or even professional introduction. Then following up after not hearing back have to ask if they checked their junk folder.

It really is time consuming to need to follow up individually on matters of non importance or non urgency.

Imagine doing that to 100 people a day & each call being five mins.
That’s 500 minutes wasted, almost 10 hours.

Company rule as of a few months ago, unless urgent or related to our business no more needless follow ups & as of this month that is including telling people to check junk mail.

That times is better spent focusing on what generates cash flow into our company.

Saturday Geek: Mobile phones – When you need to call the cellphone company

From a traditional landline (home phone) press ‘0’ for the Operator is free.
Depending on what information you want there may be a charge.

With mobile phones even if out of minutes or service is suspended you can still reach their operators.

In North America it’s a free call by pressing *611 on your phone & then placing the call.

Monday I Blab – Writing Blog Articles

Blogs are simply a weblog.
This Blab is going into a blog post after it’s finished.

Great way to share informative tips about your business.

Efficient Sunday – Text Messaging can be Non Productive

In today’s world text messaging has become widely used even in business.

Last week heard multiple times from others how a person had sent a response thru text messaging.
It was in some cases a traditional landline, in others phone couldn’t receive or reply to text messages.
If a number is no longer, text messages don’t go thru.

What is supposed to be quick to assist with productivity has led to unproductive or worse making into your own Operator service much like calling 411 for information.

If a text message isn’t quick but a flurry of back & forth messages; time to pick up the phone.
Exception is from time to time or if a person is international with limited access to phone or email.

Initial response should never be a text message as you are showing that you are available 24/7.
That’s a privilege we reserve for family & select close friends in time of need.

Having experienced this in the past our office line is NOT a cellphone. We accept email & phone calls.

Saves a lot of time & gets the job done faster.

Saturday Geek – You’ll love these Shortcut Keys

Welcome to Saturday Geek – Our purpose is to make your use of technology be smoother.
If you fear technology or think you’ll never master it then you are not alone.

Here’s my story on how I started:
When I was growing up I had to be forced to take a computer course & I wasn’t happy about it.
I only did it to get out taking an accelerated math which class I hated more.

Many times when I say that in my spare time I have tech training appointments people always ask are you getting TRAINED? I tell them that no I’m the TRAINER & they are surprised. I don’t look like your typical geek.

Listen for a special announcement at the end.

Computers have short cut keys when performing an action.
There are literally hundreds but today we are going to discuss a few that will save you time.

TeleFriday – Characteristics of a telemarketer

This will be our last one before we break for the summer season.

When articles first started it was to educate on the calling industry and end abuse of the callers.

Call Centre particularly telemarketing isn’t a walk in the park.

They have to deal with getting hung up on, screamed at, sworn at by irate customers.

And yes there are harsh as well as pleasant telemarketers same as with customers.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart