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Monday I BLAB: Service: Data Entry your way to Increased Profits – Step One

Quite often too often business cards or contacts are collected.

Then when business slow down means go back to networking to look for new clients right?

Listen to the audio.

Efficient Sunday – Why we NEVER send emails on a Monday morning Or Friday afternoon

Nowadays we may constantly check email on our phones, tablets, laptops etc.
There are still people that are in a physical office setting or who don’t check obsessively.

Monday is the first day back to work after the weekend which usually means a slew of emails built up.
Friday afternoon we’re thinking weekend & the more emails that roll in the more we are inclined to reply.

Have found generally replies are sent within two business days.

The only emails we send are important ones to our regular clients.

Saturday Geek: You need to change your Subject Line

When you must send more than one email, consider that many people using web based emails.

Often times if you use the same subject line – it can get jumbled & missed.

In particular if sent on that day.

The email provider that you use (particularly web based) filters see that as being the same conversation, so they treat it as such.

Doesn’t matter if it’s your newsletter with a special announcement or a regular email.

The best thing to do if using the same subject line is to change it a bit.

Add in a punctuation mark such as a comma, put in brackets, apostrophe etc.

Or add in a word, for example when we send test email copy or newsletters to our clients – we put Test 1 or Test 2 BEFORE the subject line so it doesn’t get caught in their filters.

Efficient Sunday: When you’re going to be Out Of Office

When you’re planning to be Out Of Office, whether that’s a vacation or otherwise.

Here is what we implemented in our offices.

1) Plan to be away upto a week before you actually leave & same goes for your return.
This way if you’re supposed to leave Thursday then you won’t get last minute urgent requests on Wed nite.

2) Give advance notice to your regular clients.

3) Put it in your email signature.

4) Make sure you post the ‘away time’ on your social media at least once a week.

5) For ‘public holidays’ it’s good to put the office hours on your website.

6) Online check ins such as Facebook, if you choose to do so then people will know exactly when you’re available & when you’re not.

Saturday Geek: Why you need to turn off your mobile

Yes mobile phones are meant to be shut off.

Quite a few years back; outgoing text messages to friends were getting stuck.

Had contacted the carrier who said their system updating itself every 24 hours.

They suggested mobiles should be powered off at least once a day then turned back on.

It allows the updates to take effect.

Monday I BLAB: Service – Assisting Event Co-Ordinators

Was reminded of this yesterday when topic of busy, overworked & stressed out event co-ordinators can get.
That’s the problem that we have a solution for!

We deal with many solo entrepreneurs who come to us to help resolve that pain.
Whether it’s help organizing a fundraiser, social function, conferences, wedding or even a gala Virtual Assistants can help you take items off your do list.
This is peak season for weddings & galas even.

Working in the Event Industry was always an interest of mine.
Prior to our start & even in our first two years of business when it was just me as staff took on a few client projects of this type that I took on.
I know first hand how much hard work is involved behind the scenes & how much of a learning curve is involved.

Now with a team of staff is increased productivity in helping you with the tasks at hand.

Who Do You Know?

Have them contact VYA for a consultation today!

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