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Saturday Geek – Email address books

Most web based email providers automatically add people you reply to into your contact list.

If you look in your contact you may see a whole bunch of contacts.

Long ago a person I knew told me about this about Gmail.

There is am option in your settings to turn it off.

As well to look for ‘duplicates’ – where the same person may have sent from different email address.

Firecrackerology- Vision Boards Example

Have been discussing about Vision Boards & how to make one.
Last week mentioned that it’s basically a ‘collage’ or photo scrapbook.
Not only did I not know what they were until a few years ago; I thought it was a lie.
Then I caught a minute of Ricky Schroder 80’s child star (Silver Spoons) on a talk show with Anderson Cooper.

Well; it was one of those “you happened to catch it” moments. Since then they’ve become a fun obsession.

Most everyone I’ve told (or not hold) has mentioned making them all the time.
Here I was newly informed.

Friends had said it was quite mature for a young girl age 8 to make one.
Hence why one friend didn’t believe it was possible. I thought maybe the parents might teach it as a fun family project for children.

Everyone has a ‘vision’ or dream goal for something (usually financial).

Here’s the story Andrea Bernard who grew up to marry Ricky Schroder.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Monday I Blab: Service: Call Centre – Telemarketing

Telemarketing is quite a useful service even for today’s business owner.
Having been employed in this field am quite familiar with it.

It is more than just “those who call at dinnertime” & can be quite effective for the business owner.

Efficient Sunday – Join the 5 a.m. Club

This is a great time to work uninterrupted.

Gives one a chance to get things done & out of the way.

Nothing quite as peaceful as quite working time before the business day starts.

Even if only to get your morning ritual in.

You’ll be twice as ready when the day starts.

When I started waking up at this time; got all my pre-work tasks or self administration done.

Even online postings were being done at this hour.

Nobody & nothing to interrupt me in a usually noisy home.

Saturday Geek – The “undeliverable” email response

Few yrs before starting VYA sent an email to someone.

In the past they’d replied but this time got a notification on the ‘Read Receipt’.

The notification reply I received was they’d deleted it un-opened.

So, I was a little unhappy.

Told a friend who said: Servers do that sometimes, doesn’t mean they didn’t read it.
Says that he sends emails to the guy across the hall & that it comes back blocked yet gets replies.
When it first happened had gone to the co-workers desk & asked them about this.

Told me to contact the person again.

Had clients whom this happened to.

If this happens to you call the person & have them check into it with their Internet Service Provider or if a company email whomever handles their Tech Support.

Monday..I Blab – Who hires a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants are hired by those that don’t have regular office support.

Every company has their defined target market for the types of clients they serve.