Monthly Archives: April 2016

Saturday Geek – Email address books – Duplicate Records

Duplicates in your address book.

Joe Smith or Mary Jones have more than one email address.

They sent an email from another one or have an old email they no longer use still in your contact list.

Go into “Contacts” – select all & check for an option that says “Find or Merge Duplicates”.

That will do the search for you.

When I did mine it showed 47 duplicate records & combined them all into one.

Feature Of the Month: Apr 2016

Every month we are launching a new service or feature.

This month’s feature was that we are offering Remote Tech Training sessions for newbies.

Do you have a burning tech issue that is troublesome?

Turn to VYA for help with your tech basics:

Not sure if you’re using Craigslist properly?

Need help changing your Facebook photo or creating an album?

Wanting to learn Excel?

Don’t how to use LinkedIn?

How do you download a file?

First steps to creating a Word Processing file?

Online training available to suit your needs!

It will be just as if we are there as we guide you thru the steps to go from Zero To Hero

Firecrackerology: Vision Board – How to start your first one

Business Networking – Making a Vision Board – a collage of your goals:

How to start making yours & choose what goes where.

After I made my first real one (3rd time’s the charm).

I was surprised at how many people I knew that had one.

Even if you’re not a believer (I wasn’t at first) & it’s still a fun collage to make.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Word Of Mouth Masterminds & Did You Know Show – Double webisode

Welcome back!

It’s one month since our birthday here at VYA.

Also, it’s one month since starting fresh with our websisodes!

When the 25th falls on a Monday; we will now be a double webisode.

Monday I Blab: Service: Call Centre – Inbound Call Answering

Call Centres aren’t only telemarketing.

Many companies use them for Inbound Calls to handle after hour calls, technical support as well as info calls.

Efficient Sunday – Planning for the next day

Being prepared for the next day saves a lot of time & needless headache.

This a goal I plan to set in motion for next month.

Have all To Do’s listed & to show in a list & crossed off when done.

Also being prepared for any potential meetings or networking.

Have business cards, marketing materials packed into briefcase or in your laptop bag.

Also have what you plan to wear for the next day pressed if needed & set out.

When I was a child, setting out clothes for the next day was what I had to do.

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