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Saturday Geek – Creating an email address

When you think of your email name or “handle” – what to choose?

It’s best to go with a name that means something to YOU & that you’ll remember.

Many people use their full name.

Others may use your first & middle.

While still others may use a nickname, sports jersey number after their name etc.

IF it’s an email address for close friends & family then SammieCars @ ___ is fine.

You wouldn’t choose that for your work email though.


It’s our Birthday! VYA turns Seven Years Old

Every year there’s some sort of “splash” for our work anniversary.

Today, is the 7th year since VYA was created.

During the day had a great idea (for another).

Came home & later called up friends.

That evening around 7pm – VYA was born.

We exist to help small business owners with their office tasks.

Thought what I’d name “me” & Virtually Yours (Assistance) came to mind!

What our work anniversary means to me.
My lifelong dream was always self employment.
Knew a traditional career or post secondary program just wasn’t cut out for me.
My life threatening illness was the road that eventually led to our creation.
This aligns with my goal of self income, make a difference & employ others!


National Do Not Call List has been in the USA for a long time

It has only been in Canada for about 10-15 years.

Most companies that do outbound calling to the general public buy numbers lists.

Their provider must comply with DO NOT CALL requests as a company can be fined otherwise.

Market Research firms change the last digit to make it more “random”.

DO NOT CALL (DNC) doesn’t apply to legitimate surveys, political campaigns & charity fundraising.

You can however ask to be put on their company Do Not Call list.

This way you won’t get another call for another least 6 months to 1 year.

With market research different number lists are loaded for each survey.

That means that while chances are slimmer; you may get called again.

Firecrackerology: Word Of Mouth – The Oldest Rule In The Book

Changes are if you know me; then you know the “Business God Obsession”.

It was 4 yrs ago this month when I read my soon to be fave book.

The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret.

Written by Dr. Ivan Misner – Founder of Business Networking International

It had been sitting on my desk at home for a few weeks.

Then one morning I woke up & there it was staring me in the face.

My mood went from growly to godly by the time I finished reading it!

Proclaimed the declaration that I’d found GOD – for BUSINESS!

Hence the reference term Business God was born!

When we think back on it; MOST of the time we refer & use services gained by Word Of Mouth.

People recommend, buy & refer what those close to them do.

If you haven’t yet read The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret – you should!

Great book even to help you with fresh perspective thinking!

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~







CSR Wednesday – Customer Loyalty

Having worked in call centres; remember disgruntled customers upset telecommunication companies were offering incentives to “new customers”.

What about long time customer loyalty they’d argue; shouldn’t WE get that?

It’s these same customers that would threaten to cancel.

Last April; read an article written by another I met at networking.

He’d been a regular customer at a restaurant at least once a week for the past year.

The owner; a petite Japanese lady had hugged him.

Now he mentioned she walked with a cane; so I’d¬†guess she’s 50+.

Never known many Japanese people but her reaction isn’t common.

In fact; if I was her I’d do the same.

With VYA the discounts go to those who support us.

There are no Black Friday, Super Sunday, Cyber Monday, Ten Percent Tues or ANYTHING ELSE!

I am actually against consumerism.

Rewards are earned when Professional Relationships are built.


Testimonial Tuesday – Getting your first Reference

Can be tough if just starting out or re-entering the workforce.

Think whom you can ask to recommend you.

Have you done any babysitting?

Volunteer work?

Part of your Neighbourhood Watch?

PTA at the local elementary?

Helped organize neighbourhood events?

Ever mowed lawns, shoveled a walk?

There’s all sorts of sources where you can get a testimonial.