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Firecrackerology: When you’re New to Business Networking

BEFORE you start going to business networking…

In order of importance…

1) Read The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret (Discussed last week)

2) Decide on your target market.

3) Search for business events which fit that

4) If unsure or don’t see what you need check a local BNI Chapter

5) Get Business Cards made

6) Make a Vision Board

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

CSR Wednesday – Which made the FIRST SALE?

In the past mentioned the age old Chicken Or Egg question in relation to sales or service.

Customer service is needed in every business!

Ever heard or seen a bank commercial about how “We don’t make you feel like a number?”

Listen to today’s CSR Blab!

Word Of Mouth Masterminds & the Did You Know Show re-launch!

PS Mark Cuban we Business Love you!

Jan 7, 2016 saw a re-run episode of Shark Tank originally aired Mar 29, 2013.
At the end was filled with professional inspiration to record audios!

March 29th holds big significance for me as it was the day I took a leap of faith as I embarked on a journey to go figure out my self identity. starting with re-launch of Word Of Mouth Masterminds & Did You Know Show.
It will be scheduled for the 29th of every month.

Testimonial Tuesday – Written, Audio or Video – Which is best?

There was a suggestion in a book that talked about “audio & video” more effective.

Everyone has their idea of what they think is best.

Many people say Written ones don’t show “verbal feeling”.

Others say audio doesn’t show the person’s facial expressions.

While there are still others that say for a video – you must be still & watch.

It is nice to have a mix of all three types if we can.

After Work Anniversary News

Happy Monday!

Just returning tomorrow from a one week leave.
Was only a few days since VYA turned seven.

Here’s some news from us!

Every month there will be something fresh added.
Could be a new feature or website update.

Last month we launched our new website with a blog.
This month starting tomorrow will be the launch of audios.
Word Of Mouth Masterminds & Did You Know Show will also return!

The new VYA is here to serve YOU!

Much of our content is what has been taught or learned the hard way.
Often have called myself the Queen Of Wrong.
We all have gone for a long drive via stumbles roadway to reach our destination.

My journey to get VYA to this point wasn’t easy at all.
I had to endure much development of myself as well.

As we go on; will be sharing some of my story.
For me reaching this point where I don’t need direction (as much) is a BIG DEAL.
My entire life had there been vote for “future failure”; I would’ve won.

Anything that wasn’t a creative subject in school meant I was doomed.
In my mind I ALWAYS knew that I’d never be University material.
First of all my math skills (other than basics) are really lacking.

Up until about 4 yrs ago even feared sales.
Anyone who has ever met me laughs & shakes their head in disbelief.
Best way to describe me is a Social Geek! = )

Efficient Sunday – Time Management: Stick to Your Working Hours

Gave this suggestion recently to another.

With today’s technology at our fingertips; it’s easy to go past our office hours.

Some days I may be working later due to an appointment or earlier meeting.

There are times when we answer early or late emails of a non urgent nature.

When we do that it is allowing it to happen again.




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