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Social Media Postings

Social Media Postings – Times

Social Media postings; what times are good to post when you want to share something?

This discussion came up recently with an online friend who mentioned about sometimes you may have a burning idea or something you want to post on Facebook but it’s midnite & no one is around.

Well, for many people & particularly those involved in a business of any type their social media contacts aren’t always in their timezone.

I replied that while it might be midnite their local time; it’s afternoon somewhere.

2am in Los Angeles could be 2pm in Madrid or Budapest meaning that someone is online somewhere.

There are scheduling programs that pick optimized times of when that update will reach the most people.

Two months ago was talking to another I knew thru business networking & mentioned how we regularly share our blog posts online in the early morning. We weren’t getting as many article views when sharing early Sunday morning.

Reply I got was a laugh saying it’s one day when people sleep in & don’t read early morning blog posts.

We did hold off then the next week continued again as we had to get it out of the way.

What we found was that it depended on topic interest.

You need a catchy headline to capture interest & people will click.

Social Media Postings at 1:00AM local time Christmas Day still gets views.

Think who you’re trying to reach & clicks also depend on interest of end recipient.

Tech is my mine while yours could be science.

Our blog reach on most articles applies to readers in a global market.
Every business deals with Technology, Productivity & Customer Service.

Look at our recent website stats from this morning.

Social Media Postings Stats - Dec 26

Our website stats from social media postings of our blog posts

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Lendpreneurs help career pros

Lendpreneurs help career goals

Lendpreneurs are those who assist others in their career or business. We hear all the time about helping others.

Each one of us has access to information, leads or resources that can help another person.
Business Friend shared a digital contract signing service with me & I have shared it with others.
I have shared which CRM program I use with others.

Resources & helping other career professionals usually comes thru conversations we have with others.
Friend of mine once said what CRM they use that’s inexpensive & integrates with LinkedIn.

In the last four years or so; have been blessed with knowing medical professionals online & when I have a question can ask them what resources are best.

The only thing is that when we get help we need to not sit on it idly.

Client & I were talking once.

Mentioned how I’d met people through various business networking, workshops & more.
Sometimes these people were fairly new or struggling.

I’m no Marketing or Profit expert but may be able to introduce them to those who are able to help.

In fact, had said to those who mentioned where they struggled that I may know a person to help them.
Wasn’t an easy road when I started & had no one to help me at the start.

I remember my disappointment from back then and how I struggled.

Hope with a Professional Introduction suited to their business, they will get helped too.

Well, succeeding wasn’t that important to them.

Why? Because they didn’t jump on my offer to introduce them.

I have a rule on the role of Lendpreneurs – offer help twice.

It’s not my business that will benefit financially & should you do nothing; you’re on your own.

If you’re sinking & I throw you a lifesaving device it’s useless not to use it.

Ask Customer Support

Ask Customer Support to assist

Last week was looking at an online service & needed to ask customer support.
It was actually another social media scheduling service with some enhanced features. Couldn’t find the answers in their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) so had sent off a request to their customer support.

The autoresponse was that they answer within a few hours. Indeed they did get back to me quickly.

I asked the questions I needed & even learned something that I didn’t know.
Just as both Facebook as well as LinkedIn both have personal profiles and business pages; so does Google Plus.

It was suggested recently how it’s good for SEO to publish social media posts on Google Plus.

Asked this social media scheduling service when they said Google Plus is that the personal profile or business (fan page)?

Was happy to learn Google Plus has changed their API (fancy word for access).

They now allow third party apps to publish postings to personal profiles. Wonderful news!

Have yet to try out this new scheduling program and I’m confident we’ll love it.

Had I not taken the time to contact the company and ask questions then I wouldn’t have learned any of this or gotten answers I needed about this service.

Sometimes extra information or resources on services we want to use are available but we have to ask.

Had a similar situation with an email newsletter program some of our clients use.

Couldn’t find the answer so contacted the service to ask customer support.
And they happily gave us the answer that yes, what modifications we’d asked about was available.

The role of customer support whether online or by telephone is to assist customers.

We don’t learn unless we ask & if we don’t contact customer support with our questions; their jobs will not exist.

Self Employment – 5 yrs ago today

Self Employment for some is a career wish.

For others, it’s what they’d never wish for.

Not everyone is the employee type & do better working on their own.

Self Employed isn’t always your own business (we’ll discuss in future).

Five years ago today left a regular work schedule but still do contract work.

The good side of self-employment is that you can set your own schedule, work your own hours.
Doesn’t matter whether 2AM or 2PM (depending on what needs doing) you can get work done.

We do our best work quietly in the early morning & pre-work tasks before the rest start their day.

Being a person who is always in demand in my regular life & who spent a lifetime dealing with my own illnesses; self-employment works great for me. All those who told me to give it up are the ones who depend on me.

I like being able to set my own hours, work well alone & enjoy less noise. No having to call work and say kids/family are ill & that I must take care of them.

In our home; I handle all the telephone calls, postal mail & other home life administration.

The downside to self employment is you don’t get the same interaction you do in a regular job.
There’s no regular paycheck every two weeks. You don’t get to meet your co-workers & there’s no such thing as days off anymore.

Nothing is regular, not even your workday.

Working for yourself requires much self discipline to keep yourself on track.

You live, eat & sleep work.

All in all, would not give up this career life for anything.

Being self employed was a life long dream.

Luckily from long before VYA started; have other life interests that help balance out the serious work week.

Business Networking is everywhere

Business Networking happens everywhere.
It happens so casually in our regular lives that sometimes we barely notice.

When I was new in business & had just started business networking

Once at an old workplace, a fellow co-worker was chatting with me.
Mentioned what they were searching for.
Asked me if I knew anywhere they could buy that & I said no.
Yet another co-worker overheard & told us their friend could help.

Once was out on a leisure day & subject of a service came up as we passed by a building sign.
Well, it turned out that one had been looking for that but wasn’t sure whom to ask.
Then they told friends they’d gotten that service.

One person said he believes that people who aren’t in business; do more networking.

It is said that Word Of Mouth is the strongest form of marketing there is.

Many use the same hairdresser, accountant or share a great deal they found.

Often times people invite their friends to what they are going to or want to go because their friends are going.

Business cards are gained from networking events or business meetings but they can also be found on bulletin boards at coffee shops, grocery stores & apartment building mailroom corkboard.

Flyers about local services come in the mail.

Need a realtor? There are notepads, postcards, flyers & letters that arrive in the mail.

Do you ever read the paper seeing the same paid ads over & over?
Eventually, you recall that advertisement & call when needed.

Last week went for groceries & ran into someone employed by an onsite promotional marketing company.
Used to pass by their territory area when going to work. I knew the company thru other people as well.
We started talking & they told me of the different area managers.

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Social Media For Business

Quite often get questions from those new to using Social Media For Business.
They want to know what people in their industry share so we usually take a look so they have an idea.

In a few cases have come across shock of having to explain that posting content on your social networks isn’t all about you.

Sharing is about value not just generating money.

One person who was wanting to start had asked is it 80% personal & 20% business?

Reply we gave was that anything “Promotional” should be the second or third posting only.
Imagine each time you talk to your friends or family it’s to ask them to buy.
Or if they did that to you!

With social media; it doesn’t have to be a competitor’s article that you share.
Nor does it have to be in bad taste.

We share our blog posts, useful resources, interesting articles, relevant quotes, Memes
& even a song of the day.

During certain times of the year such as Christmas or even summer; we have a few fun themed postings for ourselves as well as clients.

People tell us that they enjoy what we share!

Many times those we known in real life as well online tells us they enjoy the professional content we share.

Whatever you share or however much you share, keep it consistent.

All too often people have scattered sharing. One week on, two weeks off, then another week on & three weeks off.

If you’re finding that your posting are too scattered or you want to post more often & just don’t have time..Drop us a line!